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June 11, 2012

Russell Westbrook


Q.  Talk a little bit about, this team has a number of stars on it, but how do you learn to balance that and really come together as a team, because that can be difficult?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  It definitely could be, but I think during the Playoffs you kind of find‑‑ every player finds a way where they can have an impact on the series, on a series and on the Playoffs.  This year everybody did a great job of contributing what they think is best for us to win the series.

Q.  Kevin came in and said you guys were locked in, focused today.  How do you feel everybody has been in practice the last few days?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Great.  Our guys are coming in and getting their work in like a usual day, focusing on detail and what the keys to beating Miami is, and I think guys have done a great job the last few days.

Q.  A lot of focus obviously on you guys being one of the youngest teams ever to make it this far.  Does it matter, and if it does matter, why?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I mean, it really doesn't matter.  I think the youth thing is kind of out the window for us.  I think we've got enough experience in the playoff atmosphere and playoff games to be able to have an opportunity to win games.  We're just going to come out like any other team and play our game.

Q.  What do you think it says about you guys that you've already been installed as favorites in this series by odds makers that you guys are already elevated to that position?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I mean, it's an accomplishment, but we really haven't done nothing.  We just got to where we were last year and got past that point, and now we've got to make the next jump.

Q.  Your numbers against Miami have been lower than normal the last two years.  What makes it so difficult to get them against them, and also, you saw Wade cover Rondo a lot.  How much do you expect to see Wade along with Chalmers?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  They're a great defensive theme.  They attack the ball real well, especially in pick‑and‑rolls, and do a great job of rotating.  It definitely can be tough at times to score on them, but I watched a lot of film and try to find a way where he can be effective.

Q.  You saw Wade cover Rondo a lot.  Do you expect a lot of Wade besides Chalmers?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Not sure.  They might switch it up a little bit from time to time, but that won't have an effect on what I'll try to do.

Q.  I know that obviously it's all business entering The Finals, but how interested are you to see the match‑up out of the corner of your eye between Durant and LeBron?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I think it'll be a great match‑up, but after talking to Kevin, Kevin is locked in on what he needs to do as a player but at the same time what he needs to do to help the team win.  It's going to be a great series for both teams, and hopefully we can come out with the win.

Q.  I know a lot has been made about the off‑season workout that LeBron and KD had last summer.  I know you worked out with former MVP Derrick Rose.  How do you feel that's helped both you guys' game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  It started off with my first pre‑draft.  We worked out every summer since then.  It's definitely helped both of us get better.  I learned some things from him, he taught me a few things, and it's definitely made us better players, made us better players for our teams, as well.

Q.  Rondo had such a huge series against Miami.  Can you do that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  You know, my job is to make sure we win, so whatever it is that I need to do to make sure we get the win, that's what I'm going to do.

Q.  And you guys have all said this is not LeBron versus Kevin and everything.  Assuming it is a team game, do you assume it gives you guys a better shot than them?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  I'm always confident in what our team is able to do.  Every guy on the team down the line feels that we can win, and they're going to continue to play confident, and we're going to come to the game confident.

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