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June 9, 2012

Rajon Rondo


Boston Celtics - 88
Miami Heat - 101

Q.テつ Rondo, what are your thoughts in the immediate aftermath of this series and of the season?
RAJON RONDO:テつ Great season.テつ We let this one slip away.テつ We had a lot of opportunities, and they made the 50‑50 plays, and they got to the loose balls, got the offensive rebounds and made plays.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the game late in the fourth quarter.テつ It was tied with about I guess they were up by one with about seven minutes left.テつ Then you didn't seem to have any legs left.テつ Can you talk about that?
RAJON RONDO:テつ We had some great looks, Paul, Ray, myself, Kevin, we just didn't knock them down.テつ What I told them earlier, they got to the loose balls, offensive rebounds and made plays and executed offensively and made great plays.

Q.テつ Rajon, Doc thought that you guys really gave all you had, and you just didn't have enough left at the end.テつ Do you think you guys overachieved to get to this point? テつAnd what's your impression?

Q.テつ Out of gas at the end?テつ Were guys just‑‑
RAJON RONDO:テつ We missed shots.

Q.テつ That can be caused by being tired, though.
RAJON RONDO:テつ It could be.テつ It's your opinion.

Q.テつ Rajon, after so many games, you look back and wonder about what the team could have done differently.テつ After this game, though, is it a different perspective for you?テつ Do you feel like you all left everything on the court and really there was nothing more to give?テつ Or do you really look at this game and think about things you could have done as a team to win it?
RAJON RONDO:テつ We could have done a couple of things better defensively.テつ Our rotations weren't crisp in the pick‑and‑roll.テつ We made bad decisions, overpenetration, gave up a lot of threes, two to Bosh, a couple to Battier.
Give them credit.テつ They spread the points out as a team tonight.テつ And about five or six players scored in double digits.テつ Give them credit.テつ They played great tonight as a team.テつ We just came up short.

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