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June 9, 2012

Doc Rivers


Q.テつ Doc, when you look back at Game 6 moving forward, what are the one or two things that jump out that you have to do a better job with to kind of contain LeBron or limit him a little bit more so?
COACH DOC RIVERS:テつ Just get in his airspace a little bit more.テつ That would be nice.テつ Making some shots, as crazy as that sounds, is important.テつ And getting to the foul line.テつ That allows us to set our defense.
I thought we missed a lot of shots, didn't get to the foul line.テつ It allowed them to play in the open floor most of the game.

Q.テつ You've heard Game 7 speeches as a player, and you've given Game 7 speeches as a coach.テつ Does a little more go intoit when you're in the room deciding in that moment what exactly to say?
COACH DOC RIVERS:テつ No.テつ It's niceテつ I'm going to give one.テつ At the end of the day, I actually don't know how much in a Game 7‑‑ our speeches have come all year, and for us probably yesterday doing film session was probably far more important than anything I say today.
I'm going to talk about, you know, us.テつ But other than that, I just think Game 7 is a players' game.テつ They just want to get out on the floor.テつ You can see it in shoot‑around.テつ They were so sick of‑‑ if we went through one more Miami play, I thought they were going to shoot me today.テつ I just think they want to go play.

Q.テつ Are you at all concerned that fatigue will be a factor for your guys?テつ And is there anything you can do about that?
COACH DOC RIVERS:テつ There's nothing I can do about it.テつ That eases my concern, if you know what I'm saying.テつ There really isn't.テつ Someone asked me earlier today can you extend the minutes of guys?テつ My answer would be why would you do that if they're tired.テつ If the guy is tired, you take him out.テつ You may try to get him back in quicker, but you've got to be careful.テつ We want the freshest guys on the floor all the time.

Q.テつテつテつ Hey, Doc, I know it's hard to get a sense before the game.テつ What is the sense of where you guys have been the last 48 hours in terms of mentally coming into this?
COACH DOC RIVERS:テつ I think we're ready.テつ I think we're ready.テつ That's all I know.テつ That's my sense.テつ Like I said this morning, I don't know what that translates into.テつ You can be ready and not play well, but I would be very surprised if we didn't.テつ I really would be.
This team is‑‑ you've seen them all year.テつ I would be very surprised if we didn't play extremely well today.

Q.テつ I know we assume everybody wants to win all the time.テつ How would you compare the "want to" or what this team is trying to do with the previous versions of these guys?
COACH DOC RIVERS:テつ It was a good question.テつ I don't actually know the answer to it.テつ They have a strong "want to."テつ They have had it all year.テつ They've been told all year what they can't do, and I think that's made them want to more in some ways.
I don't know if it's any different in 2008, when we won it, or 2010, when we got to the Finals.テつ I don't know that.テつ But this is a strong‑willed group.テつ It takes a lot to get them off the course.
Thanks, guys.

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