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June 8, 2012

Kevin Stadler


Q.  That was an exciting round, especially the back-9.  How much fun were you having out there with all those birdies rolling?
KEVIN STADLER:  Made a couple puts putts on the back-9.  Had a lot of good looks at birdie.

Q.  Did you have an impression before the round that things felt pretty good, you might be ability to go pretty low today concerning the scores out there?
KEVIN STADLER:  I didn't look too long this morning.  2, 3-under par this morning.  Not too much wind.  The greens were receptive.  There was a score to be had.

Q.  One of the shots you'll look back on and say those are the things that really kept the round rolling besides all the putts you were able to hole as well.
KEVIN STADLER:  Not a lot.  I drive it really well.  Hit a lot of fairways and greens.  It was simple as the 5-under round you can have.  It was nice.  Not awestruck.  I think the only bogey I made was a par-3.  A pitch shot I had to hit.  It was good.

Q.  Halfway home, top of the leaderboard.  What's the game plan?
KEVIN STADLER:  You know, feels good to be in this position.  Nothing changes.  Kind of thing, same plans as always.  Can't worry about anything.

Q.  Nice way to finish for Kevin Stadler with that birdie, but it wasn't just your putter.  Your ball striking was brilliant all day.  Tell me what clicked for you out there hitting the ball?
KEVIN STADLER:  I don't know, really.  I've been driving it pretty well the last two weeks.  Hitting it a little more solid.  Hit it pretty nice.  Just a touch off yesterday and kind of got it straightened away in the afternoon.  Had a good warm-up session.  I drove it really nice, hit a lot of fairways.  Didn't miss any greens.

Q.  I know you played with Jeff Maggert.  I don't know if you guys were feeding off of each other.  It had to have felt good to have seen the other guy go out and take command of this golf course as well.
KEVIN STADLER:  He made the hole look like it was out of the trash can with the automatic putts he was making.  He played great.  He hit a lot of quality shots, but he putted phenomenal last couple of days.

Q.  Sixty-five, 5-under.  What was working for you out there did today?
KEVIN STADLER:  I hit the ball pretty well.  The putter was pretty good.  Very strong golf course.  For the most part, I had the ball in position most of the day and hit a lot of quality iron shots, lot of good looks at birdie.  Rolled a number of them in.

Q.  Birdie on 18 you knew kind of where Maggert stood and you could tie him there.  Does it matter at all?
KEVIN STADLER:  Friday afternoon doesn't matter one bit.  Sunday, a little different story.  Obviously it's great to finish with birdie on the last.  Makes for a better evening.

Q.  Two rounds to go, obviously.  How does it feel to be at the top of the board going into the final home stretch?
KEVIN STADLER:  It's good, obviously.  It's the more time you can spend up there the better.  Just overall more happy with the way my game is right now rather than where I'm standing.  Feels pretty good to hit a lot of good shots the last couple of days.  Good spot to be in.

Q.  Talk about just playing here in terms of how have you done historically?
KEVIN STADLER:  Played poorly.  This is one of my favorite stops we come to.  I really like the golf course.  Just hasn't really added up for me.
I had one good finish, I think I finished sixth, seventh one year.  For some reason the summertime is pretty poor for me in general.  I kind of tend to take little lapses here in June, July, whatever this is.
This has always been one of the tournaments I look forward to coming to.  I think the course suits me.  It's a great layout and nice to play well.

Q.  The weather out here motivated your play any better?
KEVIN STADLER:  Can't hurt, as nice as it is here compared to how hot it normally is.  It was beautiful the first part of the week.  It was fantastic.  Kind of forgot what Memphis is.  Little warmer today.  Supposed to be warmer on the weekend.  Been great.

Q.  Does your mindset change at all coming into tomorrow or is it the same routine?
KEVIN STADLER:  Same.  Hope I keep driving like this and find the fairways out here, you can score pretty well.

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