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June 8, 2012

John Daly


Q.  J.D, another nice day ball striking.  You had the four-birdie-in-a-row stretch.  I think the longest putt you had was 8 feet.  Couple bogies there, but a nice day of golf.
JOHN DALY:  Yeah, on the 4th hole I made bogey.  High 5-iron.  Landed 3 feet from the fringe.  Ended up 6 feet off the green.  I had nothing.  Hit a pretty good wedge on 5 and misjudged it.  Had a pretty good clip.  Didn't get it up and down.  Still not making a lot of putts.
Greens are tough.  They're quick.  You didn't want to get too aggressive and have a 8-footer coming back.  I'm happy.  Yesterday was a day that should have been really low for me.

Q.  I going to say, how were the conditions yesterday where it was tougher, a little windier yesterday than it was today?
JOHN DALY:  The wind swirled an awful lot yesterday.  The wind is not blowing much out here.  Peter, it was blowing.  It was one of those winds you could never get comfortable.  It's just one of those winds that half club or full club is to me a lot harder, knowing it's two clubs.  It was tough yesterday.
But, like I said before, this course plays a lot harder in the mornings than it does in the afternoon.

Q.  Thoughts on the weekend.  Certainly within range, making something special happen on a course you used to live on?
JOHN DALY:  Got to go out and keep doing what I'm doing.  Hopefully some of the good shots I'm hitting turns into bogies will reward me somehow.

Q.  Good luck on the weekend.
JOHN DALY:  Thanks.

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