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June 7, 2012

Dwyane Wade


Miami Heat - 98
Boston Celtics - 79

Q. テつDwyane, can you tell us how you as a team put that last game behind you and moved on and came into this game and played so well.
DWYANE WADE: テつWe had to.テつ In the playoffs series, the best of seven, you can never get too high, you can never get too low.テつ So if you win a game, you enjoy it for the night, but you move on to the next day.テつ The same thing when you lose a game, you hurt that night, but the next game you have to move on.
So as a team, we had a lot of confidence in ourselves knowing the last two games could have went either way.テつ A couple of plays here and there could have went our way.テつ So we had to stick with it.

Q.テつ Dwyane, was that the best you've seen LeBron during your time together?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Yes.テつ He played amazing.テつ He was locked in from the beginning of the game like I've never seen him before.テつ The shots he was making was unbelievable.テつ Some good defense, and he just made it.
So he really put on an MVP performance tonight.テつ Not just scoring the ball, but rebounding the ball, defensively.テつ He did it all tonight.テつ So it was great.テつ It was great to see him come out and lead this team the way he did today.テつ We just gave him the ball and got out the way.
He made us look good early on.テつ We were able to do things to help him in the ballgame.テつ Defensively, rebounding the ball, and make timely shots.

Q.テつ Dwyane, how do you stay ready when LeBron is basically just going off the entire time?テつ And how do you stay ready to take over like you did in the third?
DWYANE WADE:テつ It's something that obviously when he has it going that way, you want to keep feeding him, keep feeding him.テつ Then you also know eventually they are going to need you.テつ I just tried to wait for my opportunity.テつ I had a couple of shots early that I missed that I normally make.テつ I just stayed with it, and I was able to make a few to really help us push the lead up.
My job early on was to try to do my best to try to make it tough on Rondo.テつ He had a great game.テつ But still try to make it tough on him, so we don't have to pull as many triggers, and do other things.テつ When it was called upon me to make a couple of baskets, I was able to do it.

Q.テつ How do you see tonight influencing Game 7?
DWYANE WADE:テつ I don't know.テつ Total different day.テつ Like I said, we will look at the film from tonight a little bit, and we will move on.テつ Game 7 is nothing promised to you.テつ You have to go out and play the game and you have to give it your all.テつ This is going to be a knockout after knockout after knockout after knockout game.テつ Hopefully we are standing at the end.
We look forward to it.テつ Obviously we're going back home.テつ I'm sure our crowd is excited.テつ We got to play the game in between the lines and we got to play it full out for 48.

Q.テつ Is there anything you can do to have a better shooting percentage?
DWYANE WADE:テつ I'm not going to worry about that.テつ I'm not in an individual's mind state.テつ I'm doing whatever I can to help us win.テつ Certain shots hopefully I make that I missed tonight.テつ If not, I'll still make an impact on the game.テつ I'm not a one‑dimensional player.

Q.テつ Great game.テつ Can you talk about how important it is for you in particular to reinforce in LeBron that your team is probably best suited when he's continually looking to score out of the post and in the mid‑range, and even when he's confronted by two or three defenders?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Really don't have to really tell him that.テつ This is not last year.テつ He's really been locked in.テつ He's been playing unbelievable in the playoffs.テつ He's taken it upon himself.テつ Like I said, he's been MVP of the league right now.テつ He's showcasing it on a nightly basis.テつ It's a joy to watch it, but also we have to help him a lot more.テつ And I think with CB coming back, it's going to continue to help him, going to continue to help us, going to continue to help me and this team.
Looking going forward, we get even more confident.テつ Tonight was a big win.テつ Probably our biggest win together as a team, to come here with everything pointing against us, and to pull out this win was a tough, grind‑out game and a defining moment for this team.

Q.テつ Dwyane, did you see this coming?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Did I see what coming?

Q.テつ This.テつ All of it.
DWYANE WADE:テつ I'm not a fortune teller.テつ I didn't see it coming, but I felt very confident we would come in and get a win.テつ No matter where or what, the saying was what we lost 15 out of 16?テつ And just like our team, I felt confident we could come in and get a win.テつ We knew the ways we had to do it.テつ This is the most locked in I've seen our team.
Like I said, it helps that when LeBron James is scoring the way he was in the first half, scoring 30 points, to keep us going offensively.テつ But defensively getting stops, rebounding the ball, not turning the ball over, not giving up a lot of transition points.テつ That helps a lot.

Q.テつ Every game in this series when you guys have put together a run, the Celtics have been able to respond with a run of their own.テつ Tonight you guys went on an 18‑6 run in the first quarter, and they never really got a chance to put a run together to try to get back in the game.テつ Talk about making sure they didn't have a run and get back into a game and keeping them down.
DWYANE WADE:テつ Yeah, well the biggest part of that was us not turning the ball over, letting them get easy transition buckets and also getting back in transition.テつ I think tonight was our best effort of no matter what was going on in the game, just focusing on the game and getting back and making sure they seeing our defense.テつ If they don't see our defense, they are very tough.テつ They can rack up a lot of points.テつ If they see our defense, we just try to make it tough for them.テつ Make them take tough shots.テつ Hopefully rebound and we get out, and we are able to use what we have in transition as well.テつ It's going to be a tough one.テつ It's going to be a tough one, Game 7.テつ We look forward to it.テつ I'm sure Boston will look forward to it as well.テつ This is what NBA basketball is about.

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