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June 7, 2012

Peter DeBoer


Q.テつ (Inaudible).
PETER DeBOER:テつ Yeah, that's the tough part, but I really believe it's easy.テつ We know every time we can win a game and chip away, that goal gets a little closer.テつ I know it's a clichテδゥ, but I think we win Saturday night, the series maybe takes a turn.

Q.テつ How would you assess the play of the veterans last night?
PETER DeBOER:テつ They gave us a real shot of energy.テつ Whenever you're out for an extended period, you're worried about how they are going to get in their timing and things.テつ But you can tell they are veteran guys.テつ They had no hesitation when you talk to them about going back in, and that's how they play.

Q.テつ Can you talk last night‑‑
PETER DeBOER:テつ I don't know, you know, I think it's in his character that his ability to rise to the occasion, he's not overwhelmed with the situation when the game is on the line.テつ And you know, he has that special quality that he wants to make a difference at those points in the game.
So I haven't seen a performance like that out of a rookie that I can remember, and we obviously wouldn't be here without him.

Q.テつ (Inaudible).
PETER DeBOER:テつ We needed a win.テつ We needed to get some momentum.テつ We haven't been able to establish any momentum these three games.テつ Like I said, I didn't like our Game 1, the way we played, but I thought Game 2,2 and 3 we made some solid hockey games, I thought good enough to win any of those three games.テつ We couldn't grab any momentum.テつ We couldn't get a first goal.テつ We couldn't get an overtime winner.テつ It just wasn't working.
I think the fact that we finally got that one‑‑ we have been a team that's passed through playoff challenges and responded with another one, and you have to hope that you build on that.

Q.テつ Following up on the same question, on the plane ride back, did you look at the players and see if maybe you can see something?
PETER DeBOER:テつ Sure, you know, you've still got a pulse.テつ You're still alive.テつ You know, the alternative is you're going home for the summer.
Yeah, there's some life.テつ These guys enjoy being around each other.テつ You wouldn't want to be anywhere else other than playing for the Stanley Cup in the first week of June, and they are excited to be around.テつ I saw that even when we were down a couple of games, even down 3‑0, they haven't lost the fire.

Q.テつ Do you and the team‑‑
PETER DeBOER:テつ Well, you know, it's a testament to his legacy, really.テつ He's the best of all time and you can see why.テつ You know, even at his age, he doesn't move like he's 20 years old any more, but he thinks the game so well, and his composure is something that our team feeds off.

Q.テつ How important is it‑‑
PETER DeBOER:テつ Yeah, we need guys to start scoring.テつ You hope just like a one, you hope one goal translates into some confidence and more.テつ So it can't do anything but help everybody's mind moving forward.

Q.テつ You guys obviously scored on the power play, but what do you think about the power play, is it getting better?
PETER DeBOER:テつ I like our power play last night.テつ I thought we had some real good looks.テつ You have to give their goaltender some credit.テつ They have got a good penalty killing, and you know, the hand unfortunately of good looks we've had in the series, which I consider Grade A opportunities, he's made some big saves.テつ Can't get discouraged.テつ Just have to stick with it.

Q.テつ Do they pressure the puck more?
PETER DeBOER:テつ Yeah, they pressure all over.テつ They are very good, you know, with their pressure, and the guys they use killing penalties.テつ A lot of their offensive players, Richards, Carter, Kopitar, Brown, they are dangerous guys.テつ So I think that that definitely helps.

Q.テつ They have obviously had success on the road, taking that‑‑
PETER DeBOER:テつ Well, we have got to end that streak, that's the bottom line, or else our season ends.テつ But that's a challenge that we are looking forward to.

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