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June 7, 2012

Padraig Harrington


Q.テつ Can you just talk a little bit about your day coming in 2-under?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ Yeah.テつ I thought the scoring would be a little bit better.テつ I'm trying to figure out why it wasn't.テつ Greens are a little quicker maybe than they have been in the practice rounds and have to dry out.
It was windy from early on.テつ I certainly hit it well off the tee, chipped, I putted well, but, you know, I didn't hit my wedges as well as I would have liked.テつ I got distracted a number of times with the wind.テつ Just couldn't commit on a lot of the shots because it was swirling into trees and making a lot of noise.テつ Probably wasn't affecting the shots as much as we were worrying about, anyway.テつ There's room for improvement the next couple of days.

Q.テつ You're a guy who has been here a lot.テつ Wind seems to kick up now and then.テつ Most of the guys are saying it's been difficult to deal with this wind today.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ Normally we have a strong wind here from a totally different direction than the one today.テつ Today's, it can be strong, it's gusting a bit, but it's from definitely an unusual direction, and anybody who has played over the last number of years, it's playing a different golf course.
On 9 there I'm hitting driver off the tee.テつ I normally hit 5-wood off the tee.テつ There's a lot of holes to have changed like that out there.テつ Some are much tougher and some are a little easier.テつ I'm sure maybe by the end of the week -- I don't know if the wind will change direction, but I know the temperature isn't going to get as hot as it has been in past years.テつ Maybe that means the wind is going to stay in this direction.

Q.テつ Did you feel like you were in a very relaxed group today?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ Yeah, we were.テつ Lancashire is having a very good round.テつ We just won in the final a couple weeks ago.テつ There was some good stuff to talk about.テつ Obviously, you know, the caddies were all quite friendly as well.
JP, the caddy for Rory, is Irish.テつ There was good banter all around in the group, which it does help, you know.
Obviously Graeme didn't have a great day.テつ Normally when you have a good group, everybody plays well.テつ It definitely makes it easier when you've got some friends out there and you're really just playing a nice round of golf like you would at home.

Q.テつ I talked to your mom on 18.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ You talked to my mom?

Q.テつ She said she talked to you in between the trees.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ You talked to my mom, she doesn't like you (laughter).

Q.テつ She's very gracious.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ She likes to stay away from the crowds.テつ She's concentrating too hard to have conversations.

Q.テつ She didn't like the miss on the par-3.テつ She threw her cigarette down.
PADRAIG HARRINGTON:テつ Yes.テつ She's living every shot.

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