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June 6, 2012

Gregg Popovich


Oklahoma City – 107
San Antonio – 99

GREGG POPOVICH:  Congratulations to the Oklahoma City organization, Clay Bennett, wonderful man.  Sam Presti, who assembled that group, and of course Scott Brooks and his staff did a wonderful job, the players and the city, enjoy the heck out of it as they should.  Congrats to all of them.  Great, great stuff.
From our end, we had a wonderful season.  Everybody wants to be the last team standing, but in many ways this group may have even overachieved.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the third quarter, what did you see that was different?
GREGG POPOVICH:   Well, we had a bad third quarter instead of the second quarter it seems.  We've had bad second quarters, and we just haven't been able to sustain our offense for four quarters, and for us to beat those guys, we needed to score.  And the third quarter, it was like playing in mud.  So that was our downfall as much as anything.  They have a lot of shot makers at the end of the game, and Harden hit a big one, Fisher hit a big one, but you don't want to be in that position.  The lack of offense in the third quarter was tough.

Q.  Can you talk about the way you shot the ball in the first quarter?
GREGG POPOVICH:  We shot it well.  I don't know what else you want to‑‑ but you have to sustain it.  This is actually a‑‑ as sad and disappointed as we are, you really have to think about it's almost like a Hollywood script for OKC in a sense.  You know, they went through Dallas, last year's NBA champion, then they went through the Lakers, then they went through us.  Those three teams represent 10 of the last 13 championships, and now they're going to go to The Finals and play either Boston or Miami, and that'll be 11 of the last 13 championships.
I don't know if anybody has ever had a run or gone through a playoff playing those kinds of teams.  It's just incredible, and I think it's pretty cool for them.

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