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June 6, 2012

Martin Brodeur


New Jersey テや 3
Los Angeles テや 1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Martin.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you fine tuned your play at all or tweaked anything to get this win tonight?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Actually, we talked about doing more of the same.テつ We feel that we've been playing really well this series, but with zero result.
It's hard.テつ But I think you just don't change for the sake of changing.テつ I thought the playoffs have been working for us.テつ We just wanted to do more of the same.テつ We were able to win today.テつ I thought we had great performances from certain guys.テつ That made this win happen.

Q.テつ Can you talk about you were in a tough situation, the entire team, a must‑win game.テつ The way this team performed, not packing it in, can you talk about the spirit of this team.
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ We're pretty happy to live another day.テつ There's no doubt about that.テつ We just wanted to play well, give everything we had, and see where that's going to bring us.
Again, we were able to win.テつ We're pretty happy about it.テつ But we know that the road ahead is the most difficult that we could face.テつ So we're taking a day at a time.
But it was fun to win.テつ It's been three games we played well and no result.テつ Regardless of what happened next game, at least we won one game.テつ We're definitely happy about the way everything unfolded for us today.

Q.テつ Can you explain what was going through your mind on that Trevor Lewis breakaway?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Gagne had the puck.テつ Breakaway in the second period also.テつ I saw him looking kind of the corner of his eye.テつ I saw the guy coming in.テつ He was coming with so much speed.テつ I figured I was going to try to surprise him a little bit.テつ Didn't work because he went around me.テつ But at least he missed the net (smiling).

Q.テつ Couple of crossbars early.テつ Do you feel it was a case of you were finally due to get some bounces going your way?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Goalies, we're always in good position.テつ That's why they hit the crossbar.テつ Not this time, though (laughter).
We're definitely fortunate to get bounces.テつ I think it was Brown that had a great shot over my shoulder there.テつ He hit it pretty good on the post.テつ I think Kopitar had one, too.
It's part of the game. テつWe haven't got these breaks much this series.テつ It's nice to have them on our side, especially early.テつ We wanted to score the first goal.テつ Even though other lead didn't last for too long, we wanted to score the first goal, and that was our goal.

Q.テつ The breakaway by Gagne in the second period, you know how difficult it can be if they score the first goal.テつ Just talk about that play, exactly how big that save was.
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Well, I don't really look at saves or things that I make because it's so hard, because the next shot is the next big save I need to make.
It was just kind of a break that he got.テつ He's got so much speed.テつ He was coming hard.テつ I just held my ground there, took a shot, made a pad save there, gave up a rebound in the middle of the slot there.テつ All our players were there.
I think the team spirit for everybody, when they see you're making a big save like that in a certain time of the game, it brings everybody up.
But we only had three shots in the second period.テつ That's not the way we wanted to respond from that.テつ But we played better in the third.

Q.テつ Have you ever played with a rookie during the course of your career that has the same level of calmness that Adam has?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ On and off the ice?

Q.テつ Either/or.
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ We won't talk about off the ice.
I think he's grown a lot as a player.テつ I think from his junior year, he's scored a lot of goals all the time.テつ These playoffs, it's obvious the goals he's scored are important goals for this team.
His head is up.テつ His skating ability.テつ The way he handles the puck, protects the puck.テつ It's pretty amazing to see at that young age to be able to come in and really be an impact the way that he is.テつ Even though he doesn't score all the time, he does a lot of good things on the ice.

Q.テつ You've done the 3‑1 before.テつ Does this make you believe more?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ More than yesterday.テつ You know, I think we wanted to make them jump on a plane and come to New Jersey.テつ We had to go anyway.テつ Might as well get a game over there (smiling).
But I think it's a tough situation, you know, for us to be in.テつ We pulled it off, one game.テつ We'll take it one game at a time.テつ But I'm sure they're not happy to make that trip.テつ We'll try to make it miserable for them again.
Played them well, played them hard.テつ We'll see where the result's going to end up.
We definitely are looking forward to the next game and some of the momentum.テつ Finally we were able to score goals on Quick, not many, but enough to win.テつ Hopefully that's going to be a good thing for the boys coming home, that we're a little better offensively on home ice.

Q.テつ We spent so much of the first three games talking about how Quick frustrated your scorers.テつ Do you feel tonight you did the same to them?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ I don't really care.テつ For me, it's about winning.テつ They've got their share of success in Game3, scoring four goals.テつ The other two games, I thought I played really well.テつ Came down to overtime goals to beat us.
They've been working so hard.テつ The least I could do is give them a chance to win.テつ That's what I'm doing.テつ I don't really care if I affect the other team mentally or whatever.テつ That's up to them to figure it out.
For me, it's all about my team, the way I play for them.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the resolve of this team.テつ After the goal that tied it up, you were able to bounce back.
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Tough on a bad call.テつ I don't think Clarkson deserved a penalty on that one.テつ Parts of being in the opposite building sometimes when you score a big goal in the third.
But we bounced back really well.テつ I thought we were really calm, for whatever reason.テつ Sometimes you could get a little nervous.テつ Again, it's a tough environment when you're going to win the Stanley Cup.テつ We try to stay with it as much as we can.テつ They sat back a little bit.テつ They still did have a couple chances, but I thought we were really calm with the puck, and it showed.
I think it's the first time we got in the zone and made a pass all series instead of dumping it in and it ended up being a goal.

Q.テつ You've been in so many of these situations, elimination games.テつ Do you flash back at any time to any of them?
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ It's just being in the moment.テつ Every situation is different.テつ You can look back.テつ When you do play the game, it's what's happening in front of you, some of the players that are creating their own things out there.
It's really hard while you're playing to really think about other things, even though some of them are successful, some are not.テつ But for me, it's living the moment, living these experiences with these guys.テつ That's what hockey is all about, it's about living the moment.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Marty.
MARTIN BRODEUR:テつ Thank you.

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