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March 4, 2005

James Kingston


JAMES KINGSTON: I played nicely. Gregory I think also at some point played nicely and we fed off each other. One of those, got going on the back nine, hit a few good shots and made a few good putts.

Q. Good position halfway?

JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. Just got to try and do what we did over the weekend. Playing pretty well at the moment, knocking on the door a few times. I've had a few really good weeks and gotten myself into positions. The more often you get yourself into position, the more chances you give yourself. That's all we've got to try and do is give yourself those chances.

Q. You were unlucky a few weeks ago?

JAMES KINGSTON: Didn't have the best of lies after my second shot.

Q. For the weekend, try and catch Miguel?

JAMES KINGSTON: Do the same thing of kind you know. I've been working on my swing, and I must say I'm delighted to be where I am. I didn't expect to play that well so soon.

But like I say, same kind of thing, you want to try and hit as many fairways as you can and give yourself as many opportunities and see what happens from there.

Q. Inaudible?

JAMES KINGSTON: I wasn't sure at first if it ricocheted, thought I was done. So if that happens, the ball is in play, just have to find the ball

Q. Because don't get a free drop in the drop zone, just because you don't know where it is; you have to find it.

End of FastScripts.

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