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June 6, 2012

Peter DeBoer


New Jersey テや 3
Los Angeles テや 1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Coach DeBoer.

Q.テつ What was the difference tonight from your perspective?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Not a whole lot different.テつ We found a way to get the first goal.テつ We found a way to keep momentum.テつ We didn't play any harder.テつ I mean, I think the chances were relatively even again tonight, like they have been most of the games.
Our poorest effort was in Game1.テつ I think the last three games could have gone our way as easily as they've gone L.A.'s way.テつ We finally got rewarded tonight.

Q.テつ You always call Henrique unflappable.テつ That was a high‑skill play.
COACH DeBOER:テつ A big‑time play.テつ Off a skate, a quick shot up top.テつ I mean, especially with the way Quick has been playing.テつ It was a goal‑scorer's play.テつ He's got a knack for that.

Q.テつ You've continually said you thought your team deserved more.
COACH DeBOER:テつ Yeah.テつ We finally got rewarded.テつ Like I said, I've liked our game and our efforts the last three games.テつ We just haven't found a way to win until tonight.
So hopefully that gets the ball rolling.

Q.テつ It's easy to say that you deserve more.テつ But 3‑0, how did your players manage to stay in it?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Well, they believe.テつ They're in the fight.テつ They've got a lot of pride.テつ Like I said, we've been in adverse spots before where we've played two or three games and haven't got rewarded because of either hot goaltending or we've taken too many penalties.
We know we've just got to stick with it and it will turn.テつ And it did tonight.

Q.テつ Do you think one win, to get it the way you did, is enough to plant some doubt for the Kings?
COACH DeBOER:テつ Well, you hope so.テつ That's the plan.テつ We've got to take it home and take care of business now and win another one.

Q.テつ They've obviously not lost on the road in the playoffs.テつ Do you feel like you have that home‑ice advantage going back?
COACH DeBOER:テつ We've got to win a home game.テつ We're a good home team in front of our home crowd.テつ I'm confident that we'll be ready to play and we'll get the job done.

Q.テつ I'm wondering how you feel about the way your team responded to the Clarkson penalty, then coming back and getting the goal.
COACH DeBOER:テつ I mean, you know, again, tough call.テつ For them to score on it.テつ You know, you're right, that's a crossroads, that's a turning point.テつ The fact we pushed right back was critical.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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