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June 6, 2012

Zach Parise


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Zach Parise.

Q.テつ Being the leader of the team, what have you talked about amongst your teammates?テつ What has the leadership said about tonight's game?テつ How do you make Mr. Quick uncomfortable?
ZACH PARISE:テつ I think everyone is just saying, Win tonight, go from there, see what happens.テつ Try to get this series moved back to New Jersey.
As far as Quick, just try and get some more shots on him, get some chances, block his vision a little bit.テつ Like I said the whole time, it's the same with every goalie.テつ But he's playing very confident right now.
We could spend some more time in the offensive zone, throw some bad‑angle shots, get some rebounds and see what happens.

Q.テつ Quick is getting a lot of credit.テつ How good have their defensemen been at keeping you guys away from the net?
ZACH PARISE:テつ I think that's a big part that's getting overlooked right now.テつ He's playing great, but I think their D are doing a really good job.テつ They have great gap.テつ They confront you in the neutral zone.テつ They make you dump it in and chip it by them.テつ They box you out really well.テつ They allow Quick to see a lot of the shots.テつ More often than not he's going to stop it when he sees it.
So I think that their D has been just as important to their team as Quick has been.

Q.テつ Teams are always looking to create a spark.テつ With the additions of Sykora and Tallinder.テつ Can their presence be a different factor?
ZACH PARISE:テつ It definitely can be, just shaking things up a little bit.テつ Syggie has been here before a lot, scored big goals in these types of games before.テつ Hank has always been really steady back there, just gives a little different element.
I thought both Jake and Peter were playing really well for us throughout the whole playoff.テつ I mean, the coaches right now must think we need a little bit of a change.テつ I guess when you're down 3‑0, you might be looking for something a little different.

Q.テつ I'm sure you have played your hardest to this point.テつ What else can you try and do differently that you haven't already tried in the series?
ZACH PARISE:テつ That's a good question.テつ We have played hard.テつ We're not here because we haven't been working hard.テつ We've been working hard and playing hard.
I think our puck movement can be better.テつ I think sometimes we throw the puck away a little more than we have to.テつ I still think we can challenge them more.テつ As well as they are playing defensively, I still think we can challenge them more in their zone.
We spent the last two games a fair amount of time in their zone and we found some things that we feel worked.テつ So I think we can try and expose them a little more on those areas that we think work.
I still think we can challenge Quick more.テつ We haven't put enough pressure on him.

Q.テつ I think your dad probably told you, but has it come up in the last couple days that he was on a team that came back from 3‑0 and how they did it?
ZACH PARISE:テつ Yeah.テつ He said him and Chico are living proof that it can happen.テつ He said they did it twice in the one season.テつ Obviously, they won the one and lost the other one.テつ He said with Team Canada, they went into Russia, had to win three games, won three games there.テつ He said it can happen.テつ He said things like this can happen.
He just said that, just from watching the games, the margin for error right now is really, really slim.テつ All three of the games, we felt like we could have won.テつ He just said, You got to start with the one tonight and then see what happens.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Zach.

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