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June 6, 2012

Ryan Carter


Q.テつ Ryan, are you upset he took your look (referring to the moustache)?
RYAN CARTER:テつ Not at all.テつ I like the power of the moustache.テつ He's got it now.テつ Not at all.テつ Not one bit.

Q.テつ Ryan, what do you cling to to give you the hope that you can win a game here?テつ What is it about the first three games that you say, We did this, we know we can do this?
RYAN CARTER:テつ Well, I think there's no lack of confidence in the room that if we have to, we can win one game.テつ I think the challenge is focusing on winning one game at a time.
With the media, all the distractions, people say, You have to win four in a row, I think the ticket is find a way to win the one game, go from there.
There's confidence in our group.テつ I feel on any given day, if we had to win one game, we can do that, no problem.

Q.テつ Ryan, as one of the more physical players in the team, I'm curious if you and some of the other players have said, Let's do something different than we have done in the first three games?
RYAN CARTER:テつ There's definitely different ways to grab momentum.テつ Scoring goals has been a struggle for us, and we can't get momentum that way.テつ Sometimes physicality comes into the game and you can steal momentum that way.
We haven't sat down and discussed any strategy going out there and try to steal some energy and run around, show our presence there.テつ At some point, yeah, maybe that needs to come into the game.テつ We've got to find something to shake it up.テつ I think the timing of that comes naturally.テつ It's not premeditated.

Q.テつ Ryan, what have you discussed this morning or yesterday about tonight's game?
RYAN CARTER:テつ The fact that we need to just stick with it.テつ You can't get frustrated.テつ You can't think that you have to climb a mountain.テつ It's just mini steps, focusing on one game, today's game only, doing what it takes to win that one.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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