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June 6, 2012

Henrik Tallinder


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Henrik Tallinder.

Q.テつ Henrik, your thoughts of getting back in there.テつ What's going through your mind today?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ Excitement.テつ I mean, I haven't been playing for a while, so I'm pretty excited to come back and be able to play again.

Q.テつ From what you've seen from the press box, how do you make the Kings uncomfortable?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ Good question (smiling).
Well, I think we definitely have to try to start playing our game a little bit more.テつ You know, maybe a little bit more gritty around the boards, a little bit faster pace maybe, trying to interrupt them.
I mean, basic things.テつ Trying to get the shots through from the point.テつ Maybe try to get inside the box.テつ They're pretty solid in front of their goalie.テつ Just trying to create chances with traffic in front of the net.

Q.テつ Was this a surprise to you or had you been asking to be put back in?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ I mean, it's the coach's call.テつ Yesterday in practice we had a conversation.テつ We were skating around.テつ He said I wasn't in.テつ Then last night, I got the call.テつ So it was kind of weird.テつ But I'm happy.

Q.テつ Pete said you looked up to game speed in practice.テつ Since you got back skating, can you describe the process to get back up to game speed?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ As you said, it's a process.テつ You start out at a bit slower pace.テつ You're trying to get back in shape.テつ You take it step by step.テつ You get better and better, comfortable, more comfortable.テつ Finally you get cleared for contact.
After that, in my situation, we had a little bit different because of the blood clot.テつ You have to be really sure that everything is resolved in the leg.テつ It was.テつ So I'm happy.

Q.テつ Was there ever a point you were starting to think maybe you wouldn't play again this season?

Q.テつ Were you coming to terms with that?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ Well, it's really tough.テつ You going through the motions.テつ I mean, it was not one doctor, it was a couple doctors.テつ I don't know, it was probably more than a couple doctors.
You go through the emotions.テつ One guy says one thing.テつ You go to the next one, he says another thing.テつ You trying to take a path where I'm going.テつ It's not easy because some say, Yeah, you're going to be back in two months.テつ One say, Yeah, it's going to take six months.テつ So how do you deal with that?
I guess you just have to deal with it.テつ I don't know.テつ You try to be patient, just trying to do the right things, and hopefully everything resolves.

Q.テつ Players talk, when they come back from long injuries, about getting up to game speed, it takes a few games.テつ That's regular season.テつ How much time do you expect it to take tonight?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ I don't know (laughter).テつ I guess we have to see.
No, I mean, I feel pretty comfortable in practice.テつ But, as you said, it's practice.テつ Game is a different thing.テつ Yeah, it's Stanley Cup Final.テつ I mean, how do you prepare for that?
Excitement.テつ You know, a lot of jump in your legs.テつ Try not to think too much.

Q.テつ Do you think your experience will help you in that situation?
HENRIK TALLINDER:テつ Yeah, I think so, yeah.テつ I mean, I've had my fair share of injuries in coming back ‑ not in the playoffs, but during regular season.テつ I mean, that's how I have to approach this game, just like I've approached other games I've been coming back, or other injuries I'm coming back from.
I just have to go through with my experience.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Henrik.

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