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June 6, 2012

Bryce Salvador


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Bryce Salvador.

Q.テつ Bryce, what's the mindset of the team going into tonight's game and how important is it for you to score the first goal?
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ I think our mindset is we definitely have to win one game and not get too focused on the outcome of the game, coming out and having a great start.テつ I thought we had a great start in Game3.テつ This time we have to make sure we execute when we have momentum.

Q.テつ What do you see Tallinder bringing to the table in this situation?
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ Well, I think you see experience, and obviously he's been missed in our lineup. テつPlays big minutes, a lot of minutes.テつ He handles the puck really well and moves it.
I think it's nice to see him overcome what he has and be in the position that he's able to play.テつ I think he went through a little bit of uncertainty there.テつ So I think it's nice that he's back and he's recovered and he has an opportunity to play again.

Q.テつ Lack of scoring in the series, top guys haven't put pucks in the net.テつ Talk about what you need to do to remedy that.
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ Well, I think our chances have been there in all the games.テつ For whatever reason, we just haven't executed when we had our opportunities.テつ That's the difference in the series.
When we've had momentum, we just haven't found a way to put the puck in the net.テつ Obviously, when L.A. has the momentum, they're putting the puck in.テつ They're getting some big goals at big times.
So I think that's nothing really important we need to change other than just to finish.テつ It's not our star players, it's not our PPs and PKs.テつ It's just a collectiveness.テつ I think what we saw the first three rounds, that's what we were getting the collective out of the whole team.テつ That's the mindset we have to have.テつ No one is waiting for Zach and Kovy and Patty to score goals.テつ It's a team effort.テつ I think that's what's really important.

Q.テつ Throughout the playoffs there's always been talk of the defense being a part of the rush and the offense on this team.テつ Has that been the case in this series?
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ I think so.テつ I think just really what you've seen in this series, which is a little bit different than the three previous series, I think as a whole we dominated the offensive play a lot more.テつ We had a lot more offensive time.
What you're seeing in this series is I think the teams are really balanced.テつ L.A., they generate great momentum and they spend in our defensive zone a lot.テつ I think the time in the offensive zone is much more balanced this series.テつ The big difference is, like I said, when we're having our offensive opportunities, we just haven't put the puck in the net.
We've had our chances, and that's just really been the big difference.テつ In the first few series, when we had offensive times, we were finding ways to bury it.テつ That being said, I think no one's frustrated or discouraged because we know that our game's there.テつ We just haven't put the puck in the net.

Q.テつ Two totally different injuries, but can you feel for what Tallinder went through, a little bit of a scare, because of what you went through?
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ Yeah, I think just really from the mindset of the unknown, injuries obviously happen.テつ But when you don't get a timetable or timeframe, those are the ones that you learn can be the worst ones to have.
The timetable of three, four, five months, or who knows.テつ It's one of those types of things.テつ I think that's just really difficult for anybody.テつ Doesn't matter what your profession is.テつ I think whenever you're given a diagnosis of something, no one can give you a definitive date, the unknown is always the worst.

Q.テつ How do you make Jonathan Quick uncomfortable, make the team uncomfortable?
BRYCE SALVADOR:テつ Well, I think, like I said, when you look back at the games, he's made the first and second save.テつ I think a lot of times it's not a matter of trying to do anything different.テつ I think we've had some chances where we just flat out didn't bury it.テつ So I think to make him uncomfortable is just to make sure that we bury a couple goals.
We've had our opportunities, rebounds, open nets.テつ We've had our chances.テつ I think that's what just gives anyone confidence, is when you get good bounces and you kind of create your own luck.
So I think it's just more of that.テつ I don't think there's really much we need to change in our game other than getting one in.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thanks, Bryce.

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