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June 3, 2012

Zach Parise


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions for Zach Parise.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
ZACH PARISE:テつ I think we played okay.テつ Played much better the second game, better than the first.テつ Regardless we're still down 2‑0.テつ I think there's definitely another level.テつ We feel like we can play much better.

Q.テつ Can you talk about beating their goalie, whether it's him or...
ZACH PARISE:テつ He's playing really well.テつ There's no secret there.テつ I think as a team, they play really well defensively.テつ They don't give you a lot of opportunities.テつ The opportunities have been there.テつ We just haven't capitalized on them.
Not to take anything away from Quick.テつ He's playing really well.テつ He's making the saves.
Again, I still think we can bring it up another level.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the pressure you and Ilya might feel.テつ Does the pressure mount every game?
ZACH PARISE:テつ I think everyone.テつ We've gotten here as a group.テつ We've gotten here as a committee.テつ Hasn't been with one or two guys that have carried us through.テつ We've done this with four lines.
I think everyone feels it upon themselves we need to be better to generate some more offense.

Q.テつ For you, is there something when you analyze your game, you know you want to be doing from here on out you haven't been yet?
ZACH PARISE:テつ Just, I guess, put the puck in the net.テつ I mean, I think both games have had a couple of good opportunities.テつ Each game, pucks haven't gone in the net.テつ That's the difference between standing here and answering this question or saying you played a great game last game.
Like I said, all of us feel we can be better, as lines we can do more to generate some offense.

Q.テつ Do you feel if you get a win tomorrow, it settles everything?
ZACH PARISE:テつ That's our mentality.テつ We have to be prepared.テつ We're in a tough situation right now.テつ We really need to get that game tomorrow and go from there.テつ That's what we're concentrating on.テつ We really need to have our best game of the series tomorrow night.
I still think we feel, with us not being on top of our game for both of those games, we had a chance.テつ It could be 1‑1 or 2‑0.テつ It's not.テつ We're in a tough spot down 2‑0.
I think us knowing we can play better, I don't think anyone's overly frustrated.

Q.テつ It's almost like whichever team sorts the power play out, that could be the difference.
ZACH PARISE:テつ Yeah, I feel like they're not calling it as much right now so you're not getting the five, six, seven power plays like you were in the first couple rounds.
I think if one of the teams can get some momentum on the power play, that will go a long way.テつ Hopefully for us.テつ The last two games we have some early power play opportunities, didn't capitalize on them.テつ Who knows, if you do, it can change a game around.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
ZACH PARISE:テつ They have a really good penalty kill.テつ They pressure at the right times.テつ I think they make really good reads of when there is a bouncing puck, we jump pretty well.テつ They make it tough when you're breaking on the zone.テつ You're not a lot of times getting in clean, you have to dump it in and retrieve it.テつ It would be to our benefit to have one, two passes...
They pressure hard.テつ They have a lot of confidence on their penalty kill.テつ Similar to us, they challenge.テつ They go for shorthanded goals.

Q.テつ Is it a similar feeling to the last series at all?
ZACH PARISE:テつ It is.テつ I think in that series we felt like the opportunities were there.テつ More so in that series I think we controlled the play more, whereas I think this has been a little more even.テつ Felt like in the Rangers series we spent 50 out of the 60 minutes in their zone, couldn't get one past them.テつ This has been more even.
Again, it's the same thing.テつ You can't pass up opportunities on them.テつ We had a few good rebound chances last game.テつ We didn't put 'em in.テつ It was the same thing we were dealing with with the Rangers.

Q.テつ Do you feel you can control this game more or is it going to be harder against this team because of the way they play?
ZACH PARISE:テつ They're a great team.テつ It's tougher to do against them.テつ I think their D move the puck really well.テつ They break out well.テつ They hold their gap really well.テつ Their forwards are coming back hard.テつ I think we can still do a better job.テつ We were better in the second game, but we can do a better job of supporting the puck.

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