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June 3, 2012

Rickie Fowler


Q.  You were ten feet away when he made that putt on 16.  What were the odds of that going in?
RICKIE FOWLER:¬† Well, both of us in the first place hit‑‑ I thought his was good, and he hit a club that I thought was going to be tough to get there, and we both ended up long there.¬† But I ended up in a good spot.¬† He had obviously a shot that‑‑ I guess not lucky, but you hit a good shot to get it inside 10 feet, and it came out perfect, landed kind of right on the crown of that ridge there, and the rest is history.
I mean, he loves‑‑ obviously loves being in the moment, and that's where he kind of gets down, focuses and hits those shots.¬† It was fun to see.

Q.  Can you remember seeing a shot like that in that kind of moment in a while?
RICKIE FOWLER:  I mean, the chip it kind of reminds me of it a little bit was at Augusta on 16.  Obviously it's a little bigger moment there being at Augusta and it being the Masters.  But he was in a similar position here, and he hit a perfect shot, and it was a perfect time to do it.

Q.  Sort of looked like vintage Tiger out there on the back nine, two down with four to go and birdies three of the last four?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, I wasn't counting.  I had too many strokes of my own to count.  But I was just trying to stay out of the way of kind of that back nine there.  He was playing good.  He was hitting some solid golf shots, and it was fun to see him finally out there making some swings like he does when we're at home.  He looked very comfortable and hit a lot of good shots, and like I said, the times where he's in the moment and in the heat of contention is where he really shines.

Q.  You said that before, that you didn't think that he played quite the same out here as you've seen him at home.  Was this the best it's been, and could you get a sense for how well he was hitting it?
RICKIE FOWLER:¬† Yeah, I mean, he was very in control of his game today.¬† I mean, he was hitting his numbers.¬† There wasn't very many shots that were very far off.¬† I know on 8, the par‑3, he hung one out there, and it was‑‑ but it was only a few yards off from being a great shot.¬† There was only a few times where he missed his number, and it looked like he was very in control of his golf ball today.

Q.  Were you just mentally off today with your game?
RICKIE FOWLER:¬† One of those days.¬† I made birdie on the first hole and I pulled one on 2 and just kind of got behind the 8‑ball.¬† I really didn't make that many bad swings.¬† I felt like I hit some pretty solid golf shots.¬† Out here if you don't hit your number perfectly, within one or two paces, you're either in the bunker with a tough up‑and‑down or long on a downslope out of the rough and you're not getting up‑and‑down.¬† Going to get a lot of Sundays from now on, some good ones and some bad ones, and this is not going to be the last bad one.

Q.¬† How different is he playing in non‑competitive rounds?
RICKIE FOWLER:¬† I didn't see a whole lot of difference.¬† Obviously focus wise, at home, it's a lot more laid back and just playing with your buddies.¬† But golf swing wise he looked great today, other than ‑‑ when we played at THE PLAYERS together when he got on his little stretch of making birdies when we went back and forth, looked like he freed up there, and today on the golf course he looked really free.¬† I saw him hitting it as far as he usually does at home.¬† It's nice to see him free up and let it go.

Q.  You've played at a really high level for a long time.  Is there any chance you're out of gas just trying to maintain that?
RICKIE FOWLER:¬† It kind of shows you the fine line out here.¬† If you're not hitting your numbers, especially coming down Sunday, it separates the men from the boys, and today I just was a little off.¬† I didn't hit too many mis‑hit shots.¬† I hit some that were solid golf shots that whether the wind died or picked up, just tough luck.

Q.  You feel pretty good mentally, though, fresh?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Yeah, I felt good.  I got off to a good start and then had a few bad things happen.  Just had to back off a couple shots.  But no, I made some good swings out today, I made some good swings coming in, and just seemed like the ball was either hanging in the air, or falling out of the sky.  Nothing I had control of.

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