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June 2, 2012

Gregg Popovich


Q.  Have you found that in the middle of the series when people make adjustments that work, do they make more adjustments in the next game or do they stick with what they did previously?
COACH POPOVICH:  I'm going to guess that usually if things work, you pretty much stick with them.  We'd expect they might switch the pick‑and‑roll again like they did last night or the night before.  Usually that's not going to change too much if it's working pretty well.

Q.  Scott shortened his bench the other night.  He only went with eight guys when the game was over.  You played a bunch of guys.  Any chance that you're looking at shortening your bench?  Or is that so much a part of who you guys are that that's something you wouldn't do?
COACH POPOVICH:  Well, you try to pick up on lots of things.  But chances are we will not shorten the bench.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH POPOVICH:  You know, you can't play everybody, but maybe he'll be somebody that plays.  We'll see what the game brings.

Q.  (No microphone)?
COACH POPOVICH:  I'm sorry who?

Q.  (No microphone) you've got something going in the high post.  Is that something that you guys discussed?  Is that something that you're looking for?
COACH POPOVICH:  Winning and losing is usually not about a play or a player, but what teams do.  I'm more concerned with the number of turnovers we've had.  We had 21 last game.  That really fuels those guys.  As quick and fast and talented as they are, it's like a lay‑up drill every time we turn it over.
So we're better off spending our time worrying about that kind of stuff than not playing in a crowd, valuing the basketball more than trying to concoct some play or offense.

Q.  Has there been an evolution to that, or is that something he had when he came in?
COACH POPOVICH:  Usually that floater is a process for a lot of guys coming into the league.  Not that many have it to begin with, and it took him a while to learn it.  He worked on it a lot year to year, and got it to the point where it is now.

Q.  The other team has had a poor shooting series, but whatever they're doing to try to slow him down, has that taken things away, and opened things up elsewhere for you?  Is that just something you need to be better at?
COACH POPOVICH:  Well, we'd like to have a balance between perimeter and post‑up, scoringwise.  But to date Perkins and Ibaka have done a good job.

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