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June 1, 2012

Tim Sluiter


TIM SLUITER:  Very pleased where I am, and I kept myself in it.  On this course, anything around par is a good score.  So, yeah, I'm very pleased the way I'm going about it mentally, as well.  I'm happy.

Q.  This is after an indifferent start, let's say, to the second round.
TIM SLUITER:  Well, I actually started out really well to be honest.  I hit every shot the way I wanted them, and maybe only on the first hole, my first chip, it wasn't the way I wanted to hit it.  But, yeah, I think until the 10th hole, I played the way I wanted to.

Q.  How different was it today compared to the opening day?
TIM SLUITER:  You could say it was pretty similar to the last six holes I played yesterday, or five or six holes.  It was a lot easier so you can really‑‑ but on this course, you've got to be careful, because even when it's easy, you've still got to be patient and hit a way from the flags a lot of times, even with the good putter.  Yeah, you've got to be careful for not attacking the flags when you can.

Q.  Did it make difference on the greens with a bit of watering overnight?
TIM SLUITER:  I guess.  They were a little softer I think, and the fairways, as well, to be honest.  Maybe because of the wind yesterday, they just dried out, but the fairways and the greens were a little softer today.
Yeah, it made it easier to hit your spots.  Yeah, I was very pleased.

Q.  Having said what you said yesterday, about the number of starts you've got, and the inability to create that kind of rhythm, I guess, is it easy to maintain a consistency from day‑to‑day once you do get back into action?
TIM SLUITER:  Yeah, it's tough to answer that, because I haven't had a lot of experience with this, either.  But I guess it's tougher, but on the other hand, I'm a lot fitter, as well, than most guys that played a lot.

Q.  You should be fresh; and you worked in the gym, as well, like most people do these days?
TIM SLUITER:  Yeah, I worked a lot, especially after South Africa.  I had so much time off.  I figured I could gain some weight on the muscle side, so I tried to do that a lot this winter.

Q.  Does that mean you're hitting it a bit further?
TIM SLUITER:  Well, I don't know, probably a little bit more consistent.  But it just feels good to be fit.  And you don't get tired of anything, and you can keep hitting the balls you're hitting at the start of the round the same as at the end of the round.  I'm pleased.

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