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June 1, 2012

Marquis Daniels

Rajon Rondo


Miami Heat   91
Boston Celtics - 101

Q.  Marquis, I wonder if you can talk about how difficult it is to stay ready and go games at a time without getting a chance to show what you can do, and then to come in tonight and really have a huge impact on the game?
MARQUIS DANIELS:¬† I just have to stay ready regardless.¬† I stay in every day at the shoot‑around, come in early and keep working out, because you never know when your number is going to be called.¬† So you have to be ready for whenever it is.

Q.  I know one of the coaches told me a lot of times they'd say, be ready, stay ready, stay ready, and then the game goes by.  How do you again keep mentally from getting discouraged?
MARQUIS DANIELS:  It's kind of funny you said that.  He told me the last two games, "be ready.  You're going to play tonight."  He didn't say nothing to me tonight.  Hopefully he doesn't say anything to me next game.

Q.  Rajon, can you talk about having Kevin there especially when he's playing so well in the post.  Doc said, "just throw it to him.  He's tall he'll get it."
RAJON RONDO:  He kept preaching just throw it up it to him.  They went small.  Nobody can jump as high as Kevin.  LeBron is athletic or Haslem, but they can't get to the ball.  They switched a little bit.  He stood up to the rim and got most of them.

Q.  What's he like when he's playing well and you're out there on the floor with him?
RAJON RONDO:  Not just scoring.  Kevin does all the little things.  He does all the intangibles defensively.  He's our best help defender, guarding bigs.  He's our best communicator.  I can go on and on, but we know we definitely need Kevin.  Regardless if he's scoring or not, he does so many other things so well.

Q.  Rajon, obviously you scored 44 points the last game.  You've never done that before.  Maybe some people were expecting to you do that again.  What was your goal again tonight?  Because obviously you're not going to do that?  You're not going to do that every game.  What was your goal tonight?
RAJON RONDO:  My goal was to win.  By any means necessary.  We needed to get the win.  I just wanted to sacrifice and do the things for my teammates to get the lead, keep the lead and just run the show.  My job is to be the leader out there in the floor.  The extension of Doc.  I wanted to call a great game, keep my turnovers down and keep guys happy.

Q.  You played 53 minutes on Wednesday, 42 today.  How do you feel physically right now?
RAJON RONDO:  I feel great.  I'm young.

Q.¬† Guys, can you just talk about coming off that Game 2, and obviously it's a heart‑breaking loss.¬† Obviously you have a huge night.¬† Talk about, Doc said really this team was encouraged, that you guys felt better about yourselves after the game despite the loss.
RAJON RONDO:  I wouldn't say we felt better.  What I like about this year's playoffs is the turnaround is so quick.  You don't have two days to sulk or think about what you could have done wrong or could have did right.  I think we did a better job tonight.  We kept those guys off the line.  Even when we went small, we still got the rebound.  That was big for us.  They weren't going to outrebound us tonight.

Q.  Marquis, you just talked about the fact that you need to stay ready, need to stay ready.  When your name does get called and you go into the game, what are you looking to do?
MARQUIS DANIELS:  Whatever Coach asks me to do, whether it's rebound, defend, whatever he needs.  I go in to bring energy and bring some intensity.

Q.¬† For both of you:¬† Marquis, you didn't win back‑to‑back games in the Philadelphia series.¬† What do you do for Game 4 to make sure you win?
RAJON RONDO:¬† We didn't lose back‑to‑back either.¬† It's a new series.¬† Each series is different, each game is different.¬† Coaches go back and teams may go back and make different adjustments.¬† We take a couple of things from this game, we can learn from it and try to improve.¬† We're not satisfied with just one win.¬† They've defended their home court, and in a couple of days we'll do the same.

Q.  Rajon, what is the key for you to have consistency offensively in this series?
RAJON RONDO:¬† It's pretty simple:¬† As long as we get stops‑‑ they've cross‑matchedus, switching match‑ups all the time with different people guarding me and different people guarding Paul.¬† If we can get stops and get out in transition, we're going to cause mismatches.¬† I try to find seams and get into the paint.¬† When they collapse, I just try to find my teammates.

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