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June 1, 2012

Georgia Casey

Lauren Chamberlain

Patty Gasso

Keilani Ricketts


Arizona State – 3
Oregon – 1

THE MODERATOR:  Joining us from Oregon, we have Coach Mike White and student‑athletes Jessica Moore and Samantha Pappas.  We'll start with an opening comment from Coach White.
COACH WHITE:  Well, we finally got to play after sitting around for a week, but it was a tough game.  First few innings, we had an opportunity to take the lead, close call, didn't happen the way we wanted it to happen, but we tried to persevere.
We came out a couple of tough breaks here and there.  We were down by three in the seventh, fought our way back, and third baseman made a great play for the double play that kind of started the end of our rally a little bit.
I was just proud of the way the team played against the defending world champions.  That's a class team out there.  Very tough.  And we fought until the very last out.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions?

Q.  Jessica, how would you describe how you pitched the entire night, only gave up three hits, but still after a loss it has to be a tough way to lose a game?
JESSICA MOORE:  Yes, definitely a tough game to lose.  But I think I threw pretty well.  Lost the strike zone a little bit here and there, and I think that was one of the major things that kind of scored a few of the runs with the walks.  And just like untimely error and a little bit of a bad hop.
So I think I threw well.  I just gotta clean up on losing the strike zone a little bit at certain times in key situations of the game and get my runners on base per inning down a little bit.

Q.  Coach, you had‑‑ I guess you had your chances to be able to put some runs across.  How tough was it to see those opportunities just slip away?
COACH WHITE:  Well, from what I understand, we had a runner cross and it was called an out.  So that's going to be a tough one to take.  Right off the bat, that killed a lot of momentum straightaway.
Then we had another opportunity a couple innings later, and we get a big hit there, it could be a different game.
Certainly we outhit them 5 to 3, but that's what good teams do; they find a way to win games.  And they found a way to win there.  We got a little bit of a bad hop on the hard ball hit by Amber Freeman.  That's a routine out.  That's just one run.
So not a whole lot of things went our way, both with the lack of the bounce and just some of the calls didn't go our way either.
Jess had to throw it into a soup can out there, so did Dallas.  So there could have been a difference in the game there as well.

Q.  From your point of view, that first run that they called out, did it look like‑‑ for you did it look like they were safe?
COACH WHITE:  Well, I understand from getting all the texts from back home that she left on time.  And it was not out, from my understanding.

Q.  Sam, you had that double to start the game.  What happens from there as far as your offense?  I mean, you're getting this big rally going and then you run the bases again in the third.  What were you guys feeling offensively trying to get things going against Dallas?
SAMANTHA PAPPAS:  I knew we had to come up early and get on in that first at‑bat.  So I just got a pitch I could handle.  Got on.  I knew Kaylan was going to move me over, and that one that Kelsey hit should have been a run, so we should have got a run there, but...

Q.  Samantha, how tough was that for you to know that you probably did score but they didn't‑‑ did it take a little bit of energy out of the team and yourself?  If it did, how were you able to get yourself back up for the rest of the game?
SAMANTHA PAPPAS:  I feel it definitely took a little bit of wind out of our sails because if we did score, it would have been one out‑‑ or two outs instead of the next inning.  So I feel like if we had one run and two outs, I feel like we could have kept coming, but they stopped the rally a little bit.

Q.  Jessica and Samantha, what do you have to do to get past this game to get ready for the next one?
JESSICA MOORE:  I think we just have to keep fighting.  I think that's kind of been our mantra all year.  We're going to have to fight if we want to win any games.
We're not going to get the breaks.  We're not going to get calls.  It seems as if‑‑ not technically everybody's against us, but we're kind of backs against the walls.  And that's how it's been all season.
I think we're just going to have to keep fighting and we're going to have to make the games unquestionable.  We'll have to put a lot of runs up on the board, and I'm going to have to pitch really well, keep runners off base, keep the pressure off.  And we're just going to have to start winning games with no doubt and put a lot of runs up on the board and just keep showing people what we actually really can do.
SAMANTHA PAPPAS:  What I love about our team is we are relentless and we will come back because we play the best when our backs are against the wall because that's what we're used to, so I feel like we're used to that and we're going to come back.

Q.  Is it a little bit of a relief to get away from the Pac‑12 on Saturday, see somebody from a different conference, since you knew ASU so well today?
COACH WHITE:  Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that because Tennessee is just as tough.  And all the teams that are here are great and they're here for a reason, because they play well.  Tennessee's got a great pitching duo in the Renfroes, so we expect a tough game there either way.
But the biggest thing right now is to get a win.  We've got to fight to survive elimination Saturday, and the first thing we can do before we do anything else is win the next game, and that's what we've really got to focus on is bouncing back, executing our plays correctly.
I thought we played well today.  We hit the ball fairly well off a great pitcher, just not a lot of things went our way.  Not much we can change there except put some crooked numbers up on the board.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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