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June 1, 2012

Rory Sabbatini


Q.  Well, you've got the lead.  How does that feel, and talk about what it was like out there today.
RORY SABBATINI:  Well, it feels good.  Obviously it's been a trying year, and obviously it's great to see some return on the effort I've been putting in.  So that feels fantastic.  The course out there today was just‑‑ it was a tough one.  It was hard fought the whole way.  There was nothing easy out there.  It played tough and showed its teeth pretty well.

Q.  We talked yesterday about how it was fast and firm and dry, and then obviously you had to deal with the wind, and it's like winter out here now, isn't it?
RORY SABBATINI:  Oh, yeah, it's a far fetch from Monday until today.  Obviously the weather has changed quite significantly.  But all things considered, the course stayed in good condition, and it played more traditional what it does, a little longer, a little more accessible, some of the flags out there.  In that regard it felt‑‑ I felt more accustomed to it.  But it was definitely a challenge with the wind.

Q.  You can only control what you do, you've got to worry about your own game, but is it fun to look at the leaderboard?  There's some big names up there.
RORY SABBATINI:  Well, yeah.  Obviously I think we've seen in years past, you get accustomed, the good players will come here and they will perform, and obviously that's continuing.  You know, it's only halfway, so I'm happy to be where I am right now, and I've got two more days ahead of me, and I've just got to continue to focus on what I've been doing for the last two days.

Q.  Obviously tomorrow is moving day; just your mindset heading into the third round.
RORY SABBATINI:  I'm kind of hoping for my usual, my statistical analysis, I always say let's shoot seven shots better on Saturday than I do on Friday, so I'll take that.

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