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June 1, 2012

Jim Furyk


Q.  How was it out there, definitely a tale of two days with the weather?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, it was perfect yesterday, and today was quite tough.  I think it was good that we missed the rain in the morning, but we also probably got a lot more wind this afternoon.  I was thankful that the fairways and the greens were quite wet, and that allowed us to play out there.  If the greens would have been as firm as they were yesterday with this wind, it would have been a very brutal test.

Q.  Happy with how you played today?
JIM FURYK:  Very, very happy.  I felt like I really struck the ball well yesterday and solid, hit a lot of greens, had a lot of really good opportunities to make some putts and wasn't able to do so and really felt like my score yesterday was poor for how I struck the ball.  And today I kind of got a lot out of it.
I'm not going to say I didn't hit the ball well, but I did make some mistakes and hit some shots that weren't quite as crisp as they could have, like I hit a fat iron shot into 2 and then I pitched it in.  Just kind of‑‑ you know, made the most out of what I had today and scored really well, and it was kind of the opposite of yesterday.

Q.  Talk about the mindset heading into tomorrow.  You're definitely in the hunt.
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.  I love playing here.  I've had success in the past, and what I'm really anxious to do right now is probably get a little rest and get back and look at the weather report and get a game plan for tomorrow, see‑‑ I think it's supposed to warm up a little bit.  Last I saw it was supposed to be in the low 70s tomorrow afternoon, but I want to get an eye on that wind and get a feel for what I can get from the golf course tomorrow.

Q.  The tournament is making an effort to get the word out about the cell phones and the picture taking.  Have you had any issues with that out there?
JIM FURYK:  This week I have not.  I asked a gentleman to please not take a picture yesterday on 8, but past that, I haven't.  At other events it's sometimes quite an issue, and for someone like Tiger or Phil, when I've played alongside the two of them, it becomes‑‑ it is a severe issue, to be honest with you.

Q.  They're not supposed to do, but I guess Bubba said it's kind of like no one is supposed to speed, either, but it's not an issue until you get caught.
JIM FURYK:  Right, it's going to be, I think, a big learning curve.
You know, it's funny, everything becomes so silent when we hit a shot, you can hear everything, and you hear the camera click and you see‑‑ if you just go follow Tiger or Phil's group on a weekly basis out here, now Bubba after winning the Masters and not being out, you go follow their group, I guarantee every shot if you look around you'll see five to ten camera phones out.  For those guys it's probably a bigger issue than others.
I've seen it.  It hasn't become a‑‑ there's a couple tournaments along the way where the messaging has been poor.  As you said, at this event the messaging has been pretty good for the fans to try to make them aware to keep them on silent, and I think it's been pretty good so far.

Q.  What season are you expecting tomorrow?
JIM FURYK:  I'm hoping for summer again, but you never know.

Q.  What's it do with the wind mentally, that just tires you out more mentally making those decisions in the cold, or would you rather have it hot?
JIM FURYK:  It makes the golf course‑‑ it's a longer day when you're out there, so you're out there for a longer period of time.  You can't afford on this golf course because the penalties are severe off the greens, you can't afford to miss the ball in the wrong spot.  So you're never relaxed for five and a half hours, and that takes a little bit out of you mentally and physically.
I just feel good that I got in with a really good score today.  I kind of got myself back in the hunt after feeling like I left some shots on the course yesterday, so I'm in a good mood and I want to get some rest and kind of think about tomorrow.

Q.  What was your highlight shot of the day today, one shot that was going to be on SportsCenter that you would pick out?
JIM FURYK:  My best shot I probably hit all day was the iron shot on 18.  Unfortunately I missed the putt for birdie.

Q.  What did you hit, 5‑iron in?
JIM FURYK:  I hit 7‑iron in there, hit a hybrid and a 7‑iron.  Probably the pitch in on 2, really.  You know, early on in the round I made a good birdie at 1, I chipped it in for birdie on 2, and I made a good par save after hitting it in the back bunker on 3.  To kind of‑‑ I could have easily been 1‑over par through three holes, and I was 2‑under, and I think just kind of left me relaxed and played patient the rest of the day.

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