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June 1, 2012

Lee Slattery


Q.テつ Lee, looked as if you had to really dig deep today.テつ How would you assess the day?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I would say that I didn't get off to a great start at all.テつ The swing certainly didn't feel as good as yesterday.テつ For some reason, it was more a case of, you know, having to hit normal golf shots today after having to hit really low ones yesterday.テつ I just struggled a little bit.テつ Hit a lot of shots left but just managed to bounce back well.テつ I think the eagle on 11 was sort of the turning point in the round.

Q.テつ Sometimes certain players say that it's almost as satisfying to shoot a round like that when you have to hold things together.テつ Was that the case for you?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think so.テつ I think it was one of those battling days.テつ You know you're never going to play four rounds of golf perfectly.テつ It happened last year when I won in Madrid.テつ I didn't feel like I played great on the Saturday but I managed to get it around.
You seem to have one of these days and I'm just hoping it is one of these days and I'll go on the range and try to find something, try to find a good swing thought for tomorrow and just take from there.

Q.テつ The fact that the wind is gone, I suppose that practising in the wind isn't as great as well as playing yesterday, do you think that will be out of your system going into the weekend?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Certainly this weekend the weather is not great on Sunday.テつ Tomorrow is okay, so more of the same as today, tomorrow, weather‑wise but Sunday is going to be a battle again.テつ So I have to find a shot that is going to get me through the weekend really and that's the battle at the moment.

Q.テつ And your expectations will be higher?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think so.テつ Certainly earlier on when I dropped a few on what I would see as the easy holes today, I thought this could be a long day; this could be a bit of a struggle.
But just managed to compose my thoughts, and this is why we do psychology.テつ I managed to get my breathing right again and just relax and start to make some decent enough swings to get around.
Felt like a battle to be honest, certainly played easier than yesterday but I didn't feel like I was playing as well today.テつ I struggled a little bit.

Q.テつ You threatened to be on the losing side and then you bounced back tremendously?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ I think I holed a 50‑footer on the 9th, which certainly got me going.テつ You're in 3‑putt territory there and to roll one in was nice.テつ Hit a great 2‑iron into the 11th to about 20 feet and rolled it in, and that was definitely the turning point.テつ Breathed a sigh of relief there, it was a massive turnaround in the round.

Q.テつ Could have just got a way from you, despite the fact that the weather conditions are arguably easier today. テつYou're suddenly right back in the mix and where you started?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ If somebody had said to me, you'd go out there today and shoot level par, I'd probably have taken it.テつ It's not easy.テつ It's firm this year.テつ It's different from how I've played it to the past.テつ It's always been wet, and you can hit shots into greens and you know it's going to hold.
But having to think about bouncing them in, and you know, getting shots running into greens, it's totally different.テつ It's a bit more links‑like almost.テつ Being such a brute of a course, it's not easy.

Q.テつ But links is when you like, isn't it?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ It's not too bad.テつ I don't mind the heathland courses, as well.テつ I grew up on that, so to me, you need a bit more imagination and maybe that just helps me a little bit.

Q.テつ You mentioned par being a good score.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Yeah, the scoring has not been brilliant all day anyway, has it, which surprising.テつ Ross had a great round obviously but apart from that, I don't see any really low golf scores out there.テつ It's not been a bad day.

Q.テつ Is it a manner of your improvement, increased confidence that you're able to fight back in this kind of style that perhaps you wouldn't have done before?
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ I think certainly this round would have been a 75, 76, going back two or three years ago.テつ But that win has obviously given me a lot of confidence, as well.テつ You know, it's something that you think about when you stood over a shot and you think, well, I've holed putts like this to win tournaments, so this shouldn't be a problem.テつ It certainly gives you a different mind‑set stood over certain shots, so that helps.

Q.テつ I heard you talking about psychology and visiting psychologists and getting through that kind of situation; I presume it does help.
LEE SLATTERY:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I've worked hard on psychology over the last year.テつ I had a break from psychology over the sort of 2008, 2009 period and it was probably a mistake I would say, just felt like I knew everything as golfers do.テつ We are quite stubborn and selfish.テつ I felt as though I had learn everything I could from a psychologist and I was a long way from being right there.
So I went back to see the same guy again, and we have just stepped it up a little bit, tried to make the mind stronger and certainly that win last year in Madrid, I put a lot of it down to him.

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