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June 1, 2012

Fabrizio Zanotti


FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  I struggled at the beginning, but then I didn't lose my patience and played really good I think.

Q.  The rewards came with five birdies in six holes.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Yes, I make a few birdies, hitting okay the ball.  I'm putting good.  You have patience and you are enjoying, it can be good scores.

Q.  Was it the form on the greens that really made the difference in that run?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Yeah, I make a few good putts.

Q.  Haven't seen you for a little while.  You've had one or two really good rounds, and not consistency I guess.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Yeah, I played really good in China.  Then not very good -- but, I mean, I am hitting okay, and it's just some confidence I think.

Q.  So it is more state of mind than it is really with any technique?
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Yeah, I think so.  At the beginning of the year, maybe a struggle a little with the technique, but now it's getting better and I'm hitting good shots and I start liking.

Q.  And the minute the smile is on your face, you seem to play well, don't you.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Always.  The good thing is to have a smile when you play bad, but that's the thing.

Q.  You've got experience on The European Tour now for several years and coming close on several occasions, so presumably that adds the confidence.
FABRIZIO ZANOTTI:  Yeah, I found something in the swing like one month ago and I start working on that a lot and started hitting good shots and then start the confidence, you know.  I think it's like that.  The good thing is I've been putting good all the year, and let's see what happens.

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