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June 1, 2012

Stacy Lewis


THE MODERATOR:  All right.  We'd like to welcome Rolex Ranking's No. 7 Stacy Lewis into the interview room.  Also our current coleader after this point in the first round.  Great round of 6‑under 65 today.  Can you take me through the round and what was working well for you out there?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  The first nine holes was pretty nice.  There wasn't much wind.  And made a couple birdies and didn't really have anything going.  And then we were on ‑‑ I guess we were making the turn onto 1, and the wind just came out of nowhere.  So it got a little crazy on the Back 9, but I played really well, and one bad swing on 3 and made double, but then I made back ‑‑ or on 2 and made double, and came back and made eagle on 3, so that really kind of got things going and then I made a few putts coming in, so it was nice.
THE MODERATOR:  Take me through that turn a little bit.  It was birdie, double bogey, eagle.  Interesting little stretch.  How do you keep your emotions intact and what do you do when you go through a little bit of a stretch like that?
STACY LEWIS:  I think more than anything on this golf course you're going to hit some bad shots or get a bad bounce and you're going to make a bogey or double.  So I knew that coming into the week, and I just took it for what it was.  And I knew I had a par‑5 coming and I could make it up.
I hit some good shots and I stayed patient.  It was really hard.  You really kind of had to stay in the moment and couldn't get too far ahead of yourself.
THE MODERATOR:  And we talked a little yesterday about how you're feeling about your game, but after today looking at it do you really feel at this point in the season your game's really coming together?
STACY LEWIS:  I do, especially on this golf course, because I haven't played well here.  So certain holes just don't really fit my eye, so that's what gives me more confidence than anything that I was able to still get up there and hit some good shots.
And I've been playing well all year, so it's fun to be out there just going to play and not working on your golf swing or working on your stroke or anything.  It's just nice to just play golf.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Stacy?

Q.  Stacy, could you go through 1, 2, 3 again, 1, how long was the birdie putt, what happened on 2 and could you give us yardage, clubs and putt on 3?
STACY LEWIS:  I'll do my best.  Let's see, the first hole, I made probably about a 25‑footer for birdie, and then 2 was playing really long.  I had about 180 to the hole, but it was dead into the wind, so I hit about a 200‑yard shot and actually went over the green into the long grass and then chipped it out past the hole and then three‑putted.
And then 3, I had ‑‑ I know I had 176 to the front.  The flag was on probably maybe about 20, so almost probably 195 to the hole, and I hit 6‑iron.  It was straight downwind.  Hit that to about six feet and then made that putt for eagle.

Q.  You're talking about how much fun it is to go out there and not be working on anything.  How much does confidence play into the way you're playing right now?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I think confidence is everything for me right now.  Just even I guess going back to the Kraft last year I've gained so much confidence.  I'd see my name on a leaderboard and being four or five‑under and being okay with that and wanting to make more birdies instead of trying to protect the lead and just stay where you are.
And it's all confidence, I mean for me.  If I'm comfortable over a shot and I feel good about it, I'm probably going to hit a good shot.  And so good shots breed more confidence and so I just try to keep it rolling.

Q.  If you had to pinpoint one thing in your game that you are the most confident in right now, what would that be?
STACY LEWIS:  I would say driving the ball.  I'm driving the ball really well.  I guess almost you can go back to probably January or February I started driving it pretty good.  It takes so much pressure off your game.  You're in the fairway all the time.  You're not having to chip out of the trees and then get up‑and‑down from 100 yards or do anything like that.  So I think ‑‑ I don't know, I just step on the tee and I feel really good about it.

Q.  And you're apparently averaging 264 yards this season in the fairway.  How did you get there?
STACY LEWIS:  I started working with a new trainer about two years ago, and we've really done a lot to strength wise to help my golf swing.  It's a lot of core, a lot of legs are areas that we found that I was pretty weak, and so it caused some of the things in my golf swing to go wrong, and so I'm kind of working with a trainer that's working with my golf instructor, and so everything is just kind of on the same path and I've gotten a lot stronger and just hitting the ball further, so it's really nice.

Q.  You said the course, you've had trouble having the course fit your eye.  Is it just a matter of swinging better that it fits this year or is it something that you put in your head, like, hey, I'm not going to worry about it; just go play?
STACY LEWIS:  It's hard because certain tee shots I get up on and just the way the wind's blowing, I don't know, it's just hard for me to line up and really trust it.  So it helps that I'm playing well that I'm trusting my golf swing.
I know I came in here last year and wasn't trusting my golf swing.  And so first you're not trusting where you're lined up, and then you're not trusting where the ball is going to go and that's usually not a good combination.  So I think just knowing that I'm playing well has helped the golf course fit me a little more.
THE MODERATOR:  Any more questions for Stacy?  All right.  Thank you very much, and best of luck the rest of the weekend.

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