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May 31, 2012

Gregg Popovich


Oklahoma City – 102
San Antonio - 82

Q.  Did you have a target in mind for a score that you wanted to see to put Tim and Tony back in in the second half?
COACH POPOVICH:  Well, we talked about it quite a bit as far as what the score and time would have to be to pull the plug or try to go for it and that kind of thing.  So we talked about that.
There is not an exact.  You don't say this is the number, this is the time.  It's kind of a fluid thing as you're moving along and see what you think of the group.

Q.  Turnovers were a big deal, 21 on your part.  Was that sloppiness on your part?  Did they do something different defensively to force those in Game 1 and Game 2?
COACH POPOVICH:  They played really well.  They played like it was a closeout game, both offensively and defensively.  They were very active, physical, they moved the ball well on offense, and they did all those things better than we did.  They beat us good.

Q.  I'll ask you about Thabo Sefolosha?
COACH POPOVICH:  I forgot about the turnovers.  That doesn't help.  That sort of characterized the beginning of the game and gave them a really good head start in that sense as far as the way they were playing.  I think we recovered pretty poorly from that.  I'm sorry, go ahead.

Q.  Coach, there will probably be some talk that Thabo Sefolosha doing well against Parker might become a factor in the series.  I just wondered if you would make any changes or if it's just let's go play Game 4?
COACH POPOVICH:  I don't know what kind of change as far as Sefolosha's concerned.  I don't know.  I can ask Scotty not to play him.  I don't know how I can change what Sefolosha's going to do.  He did a good job.  Tony did a good job.
But it's not about Tony, it's about our team.  We played much more poorly tonight than we have, and I thought they played fantastic basketball in every way.

Q.  They executed better, but it seemed like they bowed up, played tougher tonight.  Did you sense that from them too?
COACH POPOVICH:  Sure, I think they played smarter than we did, and I think they played harder than we did.

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