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May 31, 2012

Tim Sluiter


Q.  Four birdies?
TIM SLUITER:  Exactly it was great and a couple before that, as well.  So, yeah, go from 3‑over to 3‑under.  So that's never bad.

Q.  What was the transition?  What was the turning point?
TIM SLUITER:  I guess the weather obviously helped me a lot.  In the end I started to‑‑ as soon as the weather got a little less, I suddenly started hitting it really close and made a few putts.  So it was really nice.

Q.  Was that a particular change in the club that you had to use to go into holes; the wind died down significantly?
TIM SLUITER:  Yeah, the wind died down significantly.  So it was easy to hit your spots when there's no wind.
So yeah, and I did fairly well.  I was playing half decent in the wind, and I really kept it together with my short game because I didn't hit a lot of greens until the wind died.

Q.  If you would have stayed at 3 over par, that would not have been bad in that wind, would it?
TIM SLUITER:  No, it wouldn't have been but I made a few birdies in the wind, as well, before the birdie stretch.
So, yeah, I played really well today, I must say and I kept it together to keep it to 3‑over where I was, and hitting no greens at all.  Yeah, turned it around, so it was really nice.

Q.  Talk us through the four in a row a little, because presumably when the first one goes in, you accept that and then you smile to yourself all the more when the second and third and the fourth go in?
TIM SLUITER:  Well, I hit it close on the 6th.  I hit it to about six feet and missed.  Then on 7, I hit it to about six or seven feet and made it.
Then 8 was a tap‑in, and then 9 was a really long putt.  It was actually too firm, hit in the middle of the hole and that was nice.  Last one was to four feet, so really nice.  Hit some good shots.

Q.  Has a round like this been coming?
TIM SLUITER:  Well, can't really tell because I've only played four events.  But my game feels good, and I'm feeling good about my game, so I'm happy.

Q.  I take it by that reaction, that it's been frustrating not playing enough.
TIM SLUITER:  Of course, because yeah, you're trying to get used to it after last year, and not keeping my card, getting it back at Q‑School, you're really happy and not getting to play is obviously a little bit frustrating.
But since I had a little bit of the same last year, I knew what was coming, so yeah, I took a lot of rest and so that was fine, as well.

Q.  I take it it's hard to actually plan things.  You know where you might get in and then you're second guessing other tournaments.
TIM SLUITER:  Especially when you're on the borderline, you don't really know if you have to go and practise, because if you don't get in, you still have to keep on going another two weeks for the event coming.  It's a little bit like that, but now I think I'm going to be easier to plan.

Q.  Have you been travelling on the hope that you're getting in or booking flights just in case?
TIM SLUITER:  Yeah, I have but I got lucky a few times with the Spanish Open.  My grandpa has got a place so I could stay there and I was first reserve, I didn't get in but had a good time anyway staying with my grandpa.

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