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May 31, 2012

Marcel Siem


Q.  I can sense your frustration after a bogey, bogey finish but you must be pleased with the day overall?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, I will be in the players' lounge in a few minutes.  Still steaming, but yeah, I played nicely.  The putter was hot today which was nice.  Played pretty solid and, yeah, 9 and 10 was a shame but it's not easy out there.

Q.  Quite a run you're on.  I saw your celebrations last week; why does it mean so much to you at the moment?
MARCEL SIEM:  It's always meant a lot to me and pretty emotional player and some guys say it's good, some guys, it's not good for golf.  You have to find the middle of that.  I grew up with golf, it's my life and I had my first club when I was two years old, my first putter, and just love it, especially when you play well.
Last week was a big tournament and I was hoping to get one of the three spots in the Top‑20 for the Open, but missed out by one spot unfortunately.¬† I thought the last putt would have been enough and that's why I thought, let's party.

Q.¬† A celebration of your best‑ever season; does it feel that way to you?
MARCEL SIEM:  The hard work pays off a little bit.  It's pretty consistent and I played well last week, changed a but of my putting stroke, that was great, and feels really good.  My coach came after Walton Heath yesterday and did a little bit of work and took a lot of confidence.  After Wentworth my swing didn't feel very good anymore, and so you will see a lot of drivers yesterday on the range, and it's very, very steady at the moment.
I need a little break, and I think that I have to work out again because my body is not feeling strong anymore.  I need to build up muscles again for the next stretch.

Q.  Why do you say that?  You look in pretty good condition to us.
MARCEL SIEM:¬† Thank you.¬† But my legs are getting a bit‑‑ I'm tall, and feels like I'm getting into my old swing, cross‑over.¬† It's easy when the legs are strong and you can hold everything and tummy muscles, yeah.¬† But I'm really looking forward to the next three weeks, three days here, and it's a great golf course.¬† Especially with the greens that firm, I've never played it like that.
It's very interesting.¬† You have to play the golf course completely differently.¬† Usually could have gone with 5‑iron or 6‑iron and just go straight and the ball stops and wedges spin back.¬† Nothing spins here and I like it like it is now.¬† It suits my high ball flight.¬† I like it.

Q.  If it stays like this, what is it going to take to win?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† 5‑under today, I felt not that difficult when you get it‑‑ there are some tough holes.¬† If you make pars on the tough holes, you get enough birdie chances.¬† If it stays like that, I reckon 10,11.
It was gusty, windy, firm greens, so 3‑under was good.¬† The 9th, I hit a big drive, tried to get my 3‑wood somewhere around the green.¬† I could have gone for the green, but left side is out‑of‑bounds, I know that spot, and just pushed it right unfortunately and my lob shot went in the bunker, bunker shot, 2‑putt.¬† That was a little‑‑ actually should go to 6‑under and you go to 4‑under.¬† Then caught a gust on the last hole.¬† It was a good 4‑iron actually and came up 30 metres short, so horrendous.
But it's really nice to play out here.  I love the course anyways.  I've had a lot of very good rounds here already.  The greens are firm, suits my ball flight, high ball flight.  You have to think a bit more around the course now because it's a lot firmer and traps in play all of a sudden.
We always play it soft and the ball just stays straightaway, it stops, no matter where you hit it on the greens or on the fairway.  It's very bouncy now like Wentworth last week and you have to think your way a little bit better around on that golf course now.  I like it.  It's very nice.

Q.  When you see it different from other years, but you have seen it different in one day; when you started it was not flat calm but the winds have picked up considerably?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† Yeah, when we started it was half a club of wind and after nine it was a club and now it's two clubs wind.¬† It's funny to adjust to the wind strength, you start just grip a 7‑iron down, hit a normal golf shot and all of a sudden you have to take one club more and then all of a sudden two clubs more.
You always have it here.  When it's open, it's always an interesting week.  You get all kind of weather; one day it's 25 degrees and the next day it's going to be 7 and a lot of rain.  It's always very interesting.  The crowds are good already, and there's quite a few spectators.  I've got my family as well, my mom, fiancée and little one.  My coach was following me.  Nice round.  I was enjoying it.

Q.  Elaborate on having your family; doesn't happen often, does it?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† It's a perfect week.¬† The cr√®che here is awesome, we have a connecting room and it's easy going up and down with the courtesy cars.¬† It's a perfect family week I reckon, and I'm just feeling very relaxed about it.¬† It's lovely when I can give a high‑five to my little daughter, after I made two bogeys, she just came up to me like that and got me a smile on the face again, which helps.¬† It's nice.

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