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May 31, 2012

Joel Sjoholm


JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I actually thought it played quite easy for a while out there but then I realised it was not that easy when I saw myself on the leaderboard and then I realised that I was actually doing good.¬† The last stretch is very tough I think out there.¬† You have to play very good on 13, 14.¬† 15 is quite easy but 16, 17, 18, those final holes are key holes out there.¬† I think I was 2‑over par on those so I have to be better tomorrow, and I'm three behind.

Q.  Happy with that?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Of course I'm happy, I'm not going to stand here and lie, but I think I can do better.

Q.  Does that mean your attitude changed when you saw your name on the board?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† It changed to the fact that I was trying to go lower.¬† Before that I was trying to keep hold and try to finish on a decent score.¬† But I got a little more aggressive since I saw.

Q.  Give us an indication of how difficult it is?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† It's difficult.¬† The course itself is playing very difficult and then with the breeze, it's just getting four times as difficult out there.¬† I can't hit my irons very high, so when the wind comes up, I think that just because of my poor hitting with my irons, it actually gives me a bit of benefit.

Q.  And you've said before, you like the kind of challenge and you like having to knuckle down and makes you focus all that more.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yeah, it actually does.¬† That's why I always like to play with it and always want to do something with it.¬† Sometimes we have to hit stock shots, yes, of course but most out here today you have to play a certain spin on it sideways and just trying to hold against the wind and don't hit too far down when it goes downwind.

Q.  I seem to recall you played pretty well here last year.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yeah, I think I finished well last year.¬† It was the same thing, I didn't think I played especially good the last day, but people kept on dropping.¬† So I can't give myself too much credit for that, either.

Q.  Give yourself credit because this score will stand the test of time today I think.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I hope so.¬† That's why I'm here.¬† I'm trying to produce something and I need to get back to Thorbj√łrn Olesen.¬† He's so far ahead now, I need to catch him.

Q.  Good rivalry between you two, isn't there?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† It is.¬† Of course it's great friendship but it's always fun to have someone to beat, especially someone that you like, instead of someone that you dislike.¬† So it's good fun out there.

Q.  And you applauded him when he won in Sicily?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I definitely did.¬† I went out that night with my best mate and we had three drinks; we bought one drink for Thorbj√łrn.¬† We ended up having a lot of free drinks for people, and I'm really happy for him.¬† Of course, that's how it should be out here.¬† You should be happy for winners; not feel like you are missed out or anything.¬† You just have to play better.

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