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May 31, 2012

Bud Cauley


Q.テつ How was it out there?テつ Obviously the conditions seemed pretty good.
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, it was perfect, not too much wind this morning.テつ Greens were pretty receptive.テつ If you can get it in the fairway, you can get it pretty close.

Q.テつ Being a guy that was here before with Mr. Nicklaus, what's this feel like?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, it's great.テつ It's a great tournament.テつ Since I've been here everyone has been great.テつ It's been super nice.テつ Yeah, it's been good.

Q.テつ You started off and you were 1‑over through 4 or something like that and then you had three birdies in a row; is that correct?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, I bogeyed the first and then made three in a row and had a couple on the back nine, a couple bogeys.

Q.テつ Kind of nice to see your name up on the board?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, it's been nice.テつ I've been struggling the last few weeks, so to see my name up there in red numbers was good.

Q.テつ Yesterday you had a chance to talk to Jack Nicklaus a little bit on the range?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, yeah, I walked by and he was up there.テつ I had met him previously like the day before at lunch, he came by our table, so it was pretty cool to be around a guy like that.

Q.テつ Did he have any words of wisdom for you?
BUD CAULEY:テつ No, we didn't really have that much time, but maybe in the future that would be good.

Q.テつ I know you haven't made the cut for the last three tournaments you've been in.テつ At this point you're on the leaderboard.テつ Is it more than just making the cut being the goal this weekend now?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Yeah, just making the cut is never the goal.テつ Obviously you want to play as well as you can.テつ I've been struggling a little bit but working hard on it, and I think it's coming back around.

Q.テつ What was the big key for you today?
BUD CAULEY:テつ Just driving it well.テつ If you get it in the rough‑‑ really on any golf course, but especially this one, it's hard to score, and so today I hit the ball in the fairway and was able to take advantage.

Q.テつ How difficult is it out there?
BUD CAULEY:テつ You know, pins are tough.テつ Obviously these guys are great, so I think if the wind stays down there could be a low number with the greens as perfect as they are you can make a lot of putts.

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