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May 30, 2012

Dwyane Wade


Boston Celtics - 111
Miami Heat - 115

Q.テつ Dwyane, this was your guy's largest ever playoff comeback, 15‑point deficit.テつ Did it feel like that?テつ And did it feel as exhausting and grueling as it looked out there?
DWYANE WADE:テつ It was grueling.テつ You know, exhausting.テつ We put a lot of effort into coming back.テつ Kind of like I said after the game, give us a lot of credit for doing that, but we should never have dug such deep a hole.
Give them credit.テつ They played very well early on.テつ They were on the attack.テつ Rondo was really on the attack.テつ He played an unbelievable game.テつ We did what we had to do to get a win.

Q.テつ Kind of had an interesting game where it came in spurts for you.テつ What were they doing first half and maybe even again in the fourth quarter to kind of get you out of it, it seemed like?テつ And when you did get going, was it basically just isolation to avoid all the help coming your way?
DWYANE WADE:テつ I've been trying to be patient.テつ They are playing me on my pick‑and‑rolls, they are blitzing me a lot, making sure they stay on it.テつ So instead of me jacking up a shot or trying to do something to get a turnover, I've been trying to get off the ball until my time comes, until I have my opportunities.テつ In the third quarter I tried to come out and be aggressive when I had my one‑on‑one opportunities a little bit to open things up.
I'm reading it throughout the game.テつ And right now I think I'm playing, I'm making the right adjustments for our team to win.テつ And that's all that's important.

Q.テつ Dwyane, the playbook on Rondo for the longest time has been stay off him, give him space.テつ He's hitting jumper after jumper tonight.テつ At some point do you change that strategy or do you look at it as an anomaly?
DWYANE WADE:テつ He shot the ball amazingly.テつ Doesn't seem like he even missed.テつ It seemed like he was 24 for 24.
I thought we did a good job.テつ We tried to keep mixing it up on him.テつ First half he was going under.テつ He hit some jumpers.テつ I thought we did a good job making adjustments.テつ He was just feeling it tonight.テつ There was nothing you could do about it.テつ He was out there every minute of the game.テつ And he made a big impact.
I'm sure we'll look at the film.テつ We'll keep just switching it up with different defenders.

Q.テつ The end of the fourth quarter there, it was probably a pretty aggravating period for you, because of the free throws, and then go for the steal and then Ray ends up hitting that three.テつ Can you describe what happened there from basically that last possession where Ray ends up getting that three?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Yeah, they pulled the trigger and KG stepped back to the three.テつ My instincts was to go, but I kind of got in between of going and not going.テつ That's the worst thing you can do at that time.テつ So when that trigger happened, I didn't get the steal.テつ Keyon cut, and that brought guys to the paint.テつ And Ray was open to hit the three, because LeBron's instincts was to come to the paint.
As I told them, bonehead play on my part.テつ If I was going to rotate, I should have stayed with my body on KG, made the pass tougher.テつ I had to make something happen in overtime to make up for it.

Q.テつ So that was the discussion you and LeBron were having?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Yeah, we were having a discussion at that time.テつ I felt that we shouldn't have came off the shooters; give them the lay‑up.テつ But I understand your natural reaction.テつ Just like my natural reaction was to go.
So we just had a discussion in that timeout, and that's what teams do.テつ And we moved on.

Q.テつ Dwyane, obviously an exhausting game.テつ But now you're up 2‑0.テつ What was kind of the mood right after the game with the team in the locker room?テつ Were you guys celebrating?テつ Were you too tired to celebrate?
DWYANE WADE:テつ Celebrating.テつ We won two games at home.テつ It was a good win.テつ It was a very good win for us.テつ If we lose this game, this series would become a lot tougher.テつ It's two games, and all we did was win two at home.テつ That's a very good team over there that we know is going to give us everything their all come the next four days when they get two at home in Boston.テつ We move on.テつ Everybody is getting treatment, getting therapy, and get home and get some rest.テつ Because this is a long game, it's a long night, and we have to get right back at it soon, Friday.

Q.テつ Dwyane, you say just two wins at home.テつ There's the saying it doesn't start until someone wins on an opponent's court.テつ Can it be anything but demoralizing for the Celtics after such a night from Rondo to lose this game?
DWYANE WADE:テつ I think if it is another team, possibly, but not them.テつ They are not as great as they are as individual players and as a team without being resilient, without overcoming.
So they'll look at it tomorrow.テつ They'll learn from this game and come out of it with a fresh mind knowing they have two in Boston.テつ We know we are going to get this team's best shot.テつ Tonight they gave us a great shot.テつ And we were able to win on our home floor.テつ If they give us that same effort, can we pull it off and win this kind of game on the road is going to be a testament to this team.

Q.テつ Dwyane, what's it been about third quarters these last five games?テつ In the other four, once you guys got the lead, you never lost it.テつ Obviously that wasn't the case tonight.テつ What was the confidence level like in the fourth when they were up 5‑6, even in the big third you guys had?
DWYANE WADE:テつ The third has been key in this playoffs.テつ During the regular season we didn't feel we played as good in the third quarters as we needed to.テつ It's been very key for us to come out, whether we're up, whether we're down, to win that quarter.テつ That's something that we preach.
In the fourth quarter, even when we were down, we still felt we were close enough that we could still make a run and we could make some things happen.テつ And Shane Battier hit a big three to tie the game up at 94.テつ So we never felt like we were out of it.テつ It's just that feeling of one more stop, let's get out and let's go.テつ We were able to do that.テつ Thank you.

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