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May 30, 2012

Ray Allen

Rajon Rondo


Boston Celtics - 111
Miami Heat - 115

Q. ¬†Ray, on that three‑pointer at the end off the Heat scramble, were you at a point where you felt, it felt good from the moment you let go?¬† And what did tonight mean for you overall as far as getting back with your stroke?¬† And do you feel going forward now, questions end, you feel good?
RAY ALLEN:¬† The whole game I felt good today.¬† I had really no issues moving around the floor.¬† Started this morning, and I was able to shoot the way I normally do.¬† And tonight starting the game, you know, it's like for me a wait and see‑‑ I take a wait‑and‑see approach.¬† As the game went on, it was almost like if I forget about it, then it's a good thing, and I forgot about my foot, and eventually I just kept playing and I didn't have any issues.
Even right now I feel pretty good.¬† Me, it's a day‑to‑day situation.¬† So from day to day it seems like it's different.¬† It's just what I'm dealing with.

Q.  Take us through that last shot at the end of regulation, the three that tied it at 99, please.
RAY ALLEN:  Keyon just made a great play.  We moved the ball around, and he got the ball underneath the basket.  They don't leave me often, but they left me that time, because he's underneath the basket.  So he made a great play there.  But it was definitely on time.

Q.  Ray, to go back to that, the end of regulation, even though Paul is gone, you've hit the three.  How good did you feel in the huddle as far as momentum maybe swinging your way at that point?
RAY ALLEN:  At that point it was winning time.  We had been in a situation similar in Game 7 at our place, and Paul fouled out.  We have the guys capable to win games.  We just got to make sure we execute down the stretch.  We were in a similar position.  We got beat in transition, and we fouled down the stretch, our guys were out of position.  They ended up making plays down the stretch.

Q.  Ray, for the first half and the fourth quarter, you guys essentially sort of shut down Dwyane.  I know it was obviously an effort to show him the extra defender and trap him and make him an extra passer.  What did you do differently from Game 1 to Game 2?  And why in the third quarter and overtime was he able to shake loose a little bit?
RAY ALLEN:¬† I believe we just made sure the big that came up in pick‑and‑rolls, we didn't just show in and get out.¬† We made sure we had a huge presence on him with the ball and made other guys beat us.
We paid more attention to what he was doing in pick‑and‑rolls.¬† I think in the third quarter he made some shots where he isoed and shot over the top of us.

Q.  Rajon, on a night like this when nobody has ever had 44, 10, 8 the final line on the playoff game, what does that mean to you in history?  Is it all kind of spoiled by the fact that it came in an L?
RAJON RONDO:  It's irrelevant.  We lost.  It's as simple as that.

Q.  Rajon, you guys gave a great effort, how do you stay encouraged now the next two days after playing so hard and executing so well and then coming up short?
RAJON RONDO:¬† Well, you know, the next two are at home.¬† We had two tough losses on the road.¬† It's a seven‑game series.¬† We're playing very well at home as of late.¬† So I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  Rajon, did you expect to go the distance in this?  And how were you feeling physically in fourth quarter and overtime?
RAJON RONDO:  I felt fine.  It was a mental grind for me individually and for us as a team.  Kevin played extra minutes; we all did.  So there's no turning back.  It's the Conference Finals, I wanted to play every minute.  I thought I didn't hurt my team by me playing every minute.  I wanted to go out there and continue to do my best for my team.

Q.¬† Rajon, I think you missed a reverse lay‑up at 105‑all.¬† It looked like you might have got hit across the face.¬† Can you talk about that play.¬† It was a big turning point, it looked like.
RAJON RONDO:  It was obvious.  I can't comment about that play in particular.
RAY ALLEN:  We all thought he got hit.  I'll say it.  He did, but what can you do about it?
RAJON RONDO:  It's part of the game.  Things don't go your way.  That was a big swing for us.  I think we had the momentum.  A lot of controversy out there.  Just didn't go our way.

Q.  When you see Rondo having a night like tonight, to play with the will that he played with, do you kind of see in a way the championship kind of will that really started with you and Kevin and Paul translate to him, and him kind of carry that and feed off of that?
RAY ALLEN:¬† Yeah, we feed off what he's doing now.¬† So much going on out there, both offensively and defensively, that on the offensive end when he has a night like that going, we just‑‑ it's like those football players when everybody has got to be in sync, where they're cutting and rebound, get the ball back out.
At some point you get to watch him.  I stayed space, my guy wasn't leaking in, and let him go.

Q.  Your starters got extensive playing time, how concerned are you guys about fatigue going into games 3 and 4?
RAY ALLEN:¬† I'm not concerned at all.¬† After the game I think that everybody was‑‑ I say everybody was in good spirits, but at the same time we were disappointed, we were upset.¬† We know moving forward that we got to go home and we got to maintain home court.
So it's an overtime game.  It's the Conference Finals.  Everybody on the team wants to be out on the floor as much as they can.  Obviously we're not going to play extended minutes where you're playing the whole game.  Rondo did today.  We have plenty of guys on the bench.  If Doc needs us in there, if he needs us on the bench, it's his call.  Whatever he decides for us we'll live with it.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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