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May 29, 2012

Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook


San Antonio – 120
Oklahoma City - 111

Q.  Guys you got way down, had a remarkable come back and came up short.  How do you leave the place tonight?  What do you feel?
KEVIN DURANT:  We lost.  There are no more victories for us.  We were down.  We dug ourselves a hole.  We did what we normally do which is fight all game, and we lost.  We're upset about that loss.  We've got to go home and regroup and watch film, see how we can get better.
But we're not going to give up at all.  We're going to keep fighting, and we were confident.  So we've just got to keep pushing.

Q.  Russell, are you pleased with the resilience that you guys showed tonight making that comeback?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Yeah, but same thing Kevin said.  We're not here to try to make it a close game or try to make it a good fight.  We're trying to win.  We lost tonight.  They did their job of taking care of home court, and now we get a chance to go back home.

Q.  What do you against these guys?  It seems like if it's not one thing with them, it's another.  Whether it's three‑pointers, paint points, pick‑and‑roll, when you go back home Thursday night, what do you do against these guys?
KEVIN DURANT:  I think they shot a lot of tough shots, contested twos over the top of us.  Tony Parker hit a few over the top of us, hit some threes.  We've just got to stick with our game plan.  We stopped the rolls to the basket.  We could have done a better job with that.
But fighting in that third quarter, hitting three or four threes, maybe five threes in that third quarter, and it kind of spread it out a little bit.  But we've just got to keep fighting.  We're going to play hard for 48 minutes.  We're going to make mistakes and we may give up points, but we've got to keep playing hard.  That is how the game of basketball goes.

Q.  Specifically what do you feel like you've got to do once you get back to Oklahoma City and try to turn this around and try to win four of the last five?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  First we've got to worry about Game 3, regardless of what's going on.  With this last game or the next game, we've got to worry about Game 3 and come in with the same mindset and try to get a win.

Q.  Is the mindset like you said earlier, the Spurs held serve, now it's time to go home and do the same thing?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  You know, we aren't looking at it like that, but our job is to worry about Game 3.  To come in and, like Kevin said, watch film, and see what we can do to get better.  Come out and try to get a win.

Q.  Down 0‑2 and heading home.  Do you think people are going to learn a lot about this team the next game in terms of how you respond and how you make a stand?
KEVIN DURANT:  Yeah, if you don't know us by now.  We've been a resilient group that bounces back.  Tough to go down 0‑2.  We didn't come in here thinking that, okay, they're supposed to get these two at home.  We wanted to come in here and win.  We didn't do that.
We get an opportunity to go home and play in front of our home crowd and try to get Game 3.  So we've got to take it a game at a time, a possession at a time.  We'll be all right.

Q.  Russell, it seemed like you were unfortunate too at the end when you were making that rally and had a chance to get inside of 8 or 6.  Stepped out of bounds, they've got a tap out, offensive fouls, it seemed like you were unfortunate. Would you agree with that?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Definitely.  But we dug ourselves a hole and fought back like we always do.  Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with the win.  I don't know.  For sure in Game 2 we're going to come out with a better sense of urgency.

Q.  Russell, did you get any stitches?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK:  Oh, no, just a scratch.

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