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June 4, 2001

Martin Brodeur

Sergei Brylin

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott, what do you think the effect of putting Holik in Arnott's spot had on the game tonight, getting him against Sakic most the time?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, it is good. He has been playing the defensive role the whole Playoffs pretty much, so he has that responsibility and he is doing a great job, so it worked out great. We had a good game and Bobby did a good job like he's always been doing the whole Playoffs.

Q. I am sure you have been asked about the save on Messier at the end of the second period, if they get that goal a lot of momentum going, is that the best save of the series?

MARTIN BRODEUR: Definitely. I think it was a timely save. I tried to contribute somehow. This one -- we had a little breakdown there and I was able to make the save and you know, able to keep the puck long enough for the referee to make a whistle so the play was dead. But definitely it was a good chance against.

Q. Marty, you were in here this morning just kind of laughing and joking with us media wretches for a few minutes. You seemed so relaxed. How do you stay so relaxed on a big game day like that?

MARTY BRODEUR: I don't know. It is just a game. (Laughs) I mean, I really enjoyed the situation that we are in right now and that we were this morning. I felt that we played really well in Game 4 and we are going to bring this into Game 5 and we did. It is important to stay relaxed. There is so much pressure coming from everywhere. If you start putting pressure on yourself it is going to get harder and harder so try and stay as positive and happy as much as I can.

Q. For each of you. What does it feel like going home knowing that one more game at home you could win the Cup, not make another trip here and get it over with.

MARTIN BRODEUR: These opportunities don't come everyday. We have two cracks at it. Definitely the first one is going to be real important. I don't think we want to get ourselves into the situation of coming back here, pushing a game 7 that a coin could be tossed and anybody could win. We have great option for us in front of our fans. It has been a long, long Playoff so we just hopefully try to finish it off in Jersey, but it is going to be so hard. These guys won't roll over and give us the game that's for sure.

Q. Talk about your goal there. It had been a while for you to get a goal, how important that was for you?

SERGEI BRYLIN: Powerplay we talk about, you know, switching sides a little bit, so I was trying to dump the puck behind the net and Scotty Niedermayer poked it back to Alex and he shouted that I just tipped the puck in the air and it went in.

Q. Scott your goalie made so many huge saves at crucial moments tonight. What does that do for a team's psychology at the moment?

SCOTT STEVENS: No question it gives you a lift. Marty made some great saves and then the guys on the bench we saw that and you know he was on his game and he was awesome and I mean there's no question it gives the team a big lift when your goalie makes big saves and Marty made some big saves for us tonight. It is definitely important position and like I said, it was a big night for him.

Q. Scott were you surprised at all at how aggressively they came out early pushing their "D" up so many taking so many chances early in the game?

SCOTT STEVENS: They have been pinching a fair bit. They hit you hard with two guys and don't give you much time to really make a good pass. We try to get the puck up. Our forwards are doing a good job, have our centers come underneath and pick up some loose pucks. When you put the puck up high it is tough for them to control it and keep it in. We have our forwards come underneath. We have got a few breaks but they opened up quite a bit tonight and we have got a lot of 2 on 1s. Obviously we could have had a few more goals.

Q. Martin, was this maybe your best game of the series and what does this do for your confidence level as you go into Game 6?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, bad thing about it is it doesn't mean anything what I did tonight in Game 6. I definitely --it is fun to be able to chip in and be successful and do something for your hockey club, but our main goal is winning the Stanley Cup and they are going to need to be really sharp in the next game and hopefully not in the next game but if it happens I am going to have to be sharp again. Can't get overwhelmed by what is going on. It is all about high and lows. You have got to try and stay in the middle as much as you can.

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