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May 29, 2012

LeBron James

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  Without Chris Bosh out there, do you feel you have to shoulder more of the load or what have you?
LeBRON JAMES:  You like Chris Bosh's name.  I'm starting to believe that.  You mention him every single day.  You don't go one day without saying Chris Bosh's name.
We have to rebound, and I have the ability to rebound, so I'm just trying to do whatever it takes to help our team win.

Q.  You guys play some of your best basketball in transition, touchdown passes.  We all know you played first team in high school.  How much do you think‑‑
LeBRON JAMES:  I mean, we enjoy it.  We're always looking to run out on transition.  We're just trying to make a transition.  Off the rebound, or right off the turnover, we're trying to make the pass, the easy bucket for us.  It's a good heads‑up play.

Q.  You looked like Michael Irvin out there when you were catching that ball.
LeBRON JAMES:  He was one of the greatest receivers.  I'll tell you that.

Q.  Rondo said they got to take you guys on the deck.  How prepared are you for a more physical Game 2?
LeBRON JAMES:  Man, how do I prepare for something I already think is going to happen every game (Indiscernible).

Q.  Boston had some zone going on in the fourth quarter.   Do you think there will be more of that?
LeBRON JAMES:  That's possible.  We had some great looks. (Indiscernible)  Didn't go down for us.  D‑Wade was able to get into the lane and make some great plays.  We start to see it, and we're ready for it.

Q.  Paul Pierce struggled shooting.  What adjustments do you expecthim to make?
LeBRON JAMES:  I don't know.  First of all, that's a question you should ask him.  What adjustments do you think he'll make.  I always expect for a great player to be great.  He's one of the best players we have in this league.  I always expect him to be great each and every night.

Q.  This is your fourth Conference Finals.  Do you do anything different when you get to this round of the playoffs?  Or does it feel like a playoff game?
LeBRON JAMES:  I feel humbled now, first of all.  I remember when I first came to the league and (Indiscernible) five straight or something like that.  I was like, wow, that's unbelievable.  I hope I get an opportunity to play in the Conference Finals.  This is my fourth.  I'm humbled and blessed to be able to be on some great teams, great teammates, great coaches.

Q.  Are you more relaxed than you were the first time around?
LeBRON JAMES:  For sure.  For sure.  More relaxed, and more‑‑ I think of my teammates as well.  Just more focused.  I mean, I've been around here before.  So I've got to be more relaxed.

Q.  Is there anything different when you go against Paul Pierce?  I mean, some people feel Paul Pierce‑‑ some suggest he might be older and it may be harder for him to stay with you.  Do you do anything differently?
LeBRON JAMES:  No, honestly, I mean, when I first played against him I wasn't into the defensive side of the game like I am now.  But he's a great player.  You have to try to make him do things that he may not want to do.  But he's still going to make shots, because that's how good he is.
He makes plays.  He can shoot the ball, he can handle the ball, he can post‑up.  I try to make it tough on him.  He's a great player in the league.

Q.  (Indiscernible) K.G. not happy about‑‑
LeBRON JAMES:  Say that again?

Q.  (Indiscernible) took exception to it.
LeBRON JAMES:  That's all.  We all know how K.G. is.  He means no harm.  (Indiscernible) Be able to put together a good game.  We won Game 1 and (Indiscernible).

Q.  Can you talk about being more physical in the playoffs?  (Indiscernible) What does that tell you when you hear teams talk like that?
LeBRON JAMES:  Doesn't tell me anything.  I expect it to be (Indiscernible) every game I play in.  Me personally.  It doesn't surprise me.  It's not like I have to gear up for it.  I'm already geared up for it.

Q.  How exciting is it as a player to be‑‑
LeBRON JAMES:  First of all, just to be playing this time of the year is exciting.  There are a lot of teams that's not playing right now.  We're blessed that we're able to be a part of this.  You know the history.  You know the Boston franchise is great.  It's always fun to go against them as well.  It's a great time for us.

Q.  How can you take advantage of a situation if a team is trying to come at you a little more physically in a game situation?
LeBRON JAMES:  Get to the free‑throw line.  Like I said, I expect physical play.  I expect to be quote, unquote, thrown on the deck.  Whatever the case may be.  I have to go to the free‑throw line and go up there and make them.

Q.  (Indiscernible) one of the areas most improving (Indiscernible)?
LeBRON JAMES:  I made a few adjustments.  We had a few miscues, a few communication breakdowns in the second quarter when we gave up 35 points.  (Indiscernible) and we gave up eight offensive rebounds as well.  As players we can get better to help out.  (Indiscernible)

Q.  Can you put in words what you think of Game 2?
LeBRON JAMES:  It's another game.  Playoff game.  We have to protect home court.  Playoff game is not one or two games.  It's going to be a long series.

Q.  LeBron, I know you've been focused on your own run.  In the last few weeks have you gotten a chance to call or text D. Rose since his surgery?
LeBRON JAMES:  I don't personally (Indiscernible) D. Rose.  I've never had a conversation (Indiscernible) with D. Rose.  It sucks that it happened.  I wish him a fast recovery and hope he gets back (Indiscernible).

Q.  As a fellow MVP, do you empathize with what he's going through or what he's going to have to‑‑
LeBRON JAMES:  I don't know what he's going through.  I've never had that type of injury.  So I can't imagine what he's going through.  I hope he comes back 100%.  110% because I am a fan of his.  I love the way he plays the game of basketball.  I love what he brings to his game.

Q.  Do you have any advice for him in his recovery?
LeBRON JAMES:  Get healthy.

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