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May 29, 2012

Shane Battier

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

SHANE BATTIER:  It's really about playing hard and playing (Indiscernible).

Q.  And playing the 4 position, which is something‑‑ college okay, but pros.  You haven't really done that.
SHANE BATTIER:  I had to dust off some old Detroit Country Day videos and go back to my roots.

Q.  What's that been like?  David West, physical guy, now Brandon Bass, another strong guy at that spot.
SHANE BATTIER:  It's not easy.  It's not easy.  I'm good enough‑‑ a lot of pounds in the post.  You know, when you're dealing with stronger guys, you just have to be smarter.  You have to understand what they want to do and do your work early.  Because if you allow‑‑ use your strength and your (Indiscernible) concentration, they vary it.  My margin of error is very slim.

Q.  Do you anticipate them making any adjustments to you?  Even a lot of your stuff came with just effort 50‑50 ball‑type plays.
SHANE BATTIER:  Yeah, Doc is really good at making adjustments.  I don't know what those adjustments will be, but he'll have something (Indiscernible).

Q.  Dwyane talked about last night how there's less hero ball this year.  How has the offense changed?  Are points coming more within the offensive sets now as opposed to earlier in the season?
SHANE BATTIER:  Yeah.  I think the key for our team is just playing out on transition.  When you play out on transition, it's not really an option A and an option B and an option C.  It's just playing basketball.
We sort of made the switch to go to more open offense and playoff transition more, I think.  It's taking our offense to a different level.

Q.  How much did it help that you guys saw zone defense so early in the season, and last night obviously in the fourth quarter they‑‑
SHANE BATTIER:  Yeah, we expected that.  From day one in training camp we knew we were going to see a lot of zone.  Especially when LeBron and Dwyane are rolling like that.  Just to give us a different look.  We did quite a bit of practice and games this year against the zone.

Q.  How different is it being a role player here than maybe other places you've played or other players you've played with?
SHANE BATTIER:  Hey, every player in this league is a role player.  That's a secret.  It's just some have the role to score‑‑

Q.  To be a star.
SHANE BATTIER:  To be a 30 or 40‑point scorer.  We're all role players.  It's just doing your job.  Everyone has a job to do.  Every job is vital if you want to win.  So that's the approach that the solid role players take.  It's no different here than other places I've been.

Q.  Does it come with experience to accept being a role player and accepting what your role is to be successful?
SHANE BATTIER:  Well, I'm in a much different place.  Obviously Mike Miller, James Jones, we've made our money, so to speak.  We're not playing for contracts.  We're playing for a championship.  And so when you're playing purely for a championship and nothing else, it's easy to sacrifice stats, it's easy to sacrifice notoriety.  We don't care.  We laugh about it.  We don't care.  As long as we win and we do our jobs, that's all that matters.
For younger players it's tougher, no question.  You're trying to establish yourself in this league and trying to get that next contract and trying to stay in the league.  If you're one of the old farts, it's not as difficult.

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