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May 28, 2012

James Harden


Q.テつ You guys have had a lot of success when the ball is in your hands.テつ Last night wasn't one of those nights.テつ Is there a situation that's more conducive to success when the ball is in your hands?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ I think last night we were kind of all over the place in the fourth quarter.テつ That caused some turnovers.テつ I think we gave up 30 points in the fourth quarter, which you can't have on the road in the playoffs.テつ We have to get back to what we do, and I think we'll be ready for Game 2.

Q.テつ How do you get back on a team that shoots 75% against you guys like last night?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ We did a pretty good job for three quarters of containing them, frustrating them, getting out to their shooters.テつ Fourth quarter, we let up and let them take a 9‑0 run or something like that.
You just can't allow that to happen when you're a team on the road fighting for Game 1 in the Western Conference finals.

Q.テつ Do you ever look at a guy like Ginobili and say I need to outperform that guy to do well?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Sometimes, yeah.テつ I did that in the series and they got a lot of players to score off the bench.テつ But the main player obviously is Ginobili.テつ So I've got to be better individually.テつ Defensively and offensively just stay in attack mode and the defense would be better and be more physical and aggressive.

Q.テつ (No microphone)?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ Like I said, we did a pretty good job for three quarters.テつ I think the fourth quarter we just let up.テつ We had a couple of mistakes and they went on a little run.テつ I think obviously if anybody gets comfortable and score the ball and make plays, it's tough to guard them and tough to stop them.テつ So we can't allow that to happen.

Q.テつ Last night was the first time in the season you didn't take a free throw in a game.テつ Is it something the Spurs did?テつ I think you only took one in the game before that too against San Antonio.テつ Was it something they did to keep you off the free‑throw line?
JAMES HARDEN:テつ No, just I didn't go strong enough to the basket.

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