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May 27, 2012

Joe Daley


Q.  Another beautiful round today, feeling pretty good about that one?
JOE DALEY:  No, I'm just, well, I don't know, I just kept trying to make birdies today.  And I'm hitting good, assertive shots.
And the last hole it was, I mean, I really wanted to hit the club I hit and I took too much off it, but I had a putt up the hill and it rolled up the hill and hit the hole and didn't go in.  But that's what happens.  But I just kept moving on to the next hole that I was looking at.  That's all it was.

Q.  You had 7 birdies today, how do you feel about that?  That's a great round.
JOE DALEY:  Well I'm trying to make birdies.  That's why we're out here.  I looked at the leaderboard and I go, man, I have to keep making birdies because these guys can make some birdies out here.  Let me tell you.  These guys can flat out pour them in.  So to keep up with these guys you got to make them or they're going to run you over.

Q.  How did you feel about the course today as opposed to the last three days, how it played?
JOE DALEY:  Well, it was what it was.  It was, it played a little softer and there was a little wind, but on certain shots I still had trouble with getting my wedges, I actually missed some greens with wedge today, but it's just because you hit the slopes, the greens are so slopey and you get a bounce and the spin and it goes right off.  Especially being soft.
So that's expected.  But just moving on to the next shot and that's it.  If I did do one thing, I did do that.

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