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May 27, 2012

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Good tournament, isn't it.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Ernie has obviously designed the golf course to be played a certain way and he felt strongly yesterday that it got too firm, and he offered his opinion on it.  It's a difficult one, because he is a guy that is mainly behind the re‑design.
So if you played in any other tournament, you probably‑‑ if you ask any designer, if it's playing the wayhe wants, it's not what he had in mind.
I think he found it very difficult this week‑‑ inaudible ‑‑ I don't think I've ever played in weather before this since holiday probably in the U.K.  It's very difficult to maintain a golf course.  They threw a lot of water on it this morning and it's certainly a lot more accessible today.
But maybe just because he is the designer, he might have the right to offer his opinion.

Q.  But in terms of players coming off the golf course, there's always been this thought with footballers, you wait 20 minutes and then come back, is that maybe something you would suggest?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  That's not Ernie's style, though, is it.  He offered it straight way, and he might regret some of it today, but I think he feels very strongly about this golf course and it's very close to his heart.
When he sees something is wrong‑‑ and I think over the years, he's felt a lot of pressure from the players, because the hardest task you can have is to be an active player and design a golf course and then everybody comes and plays on it.  He feels the pressure.
What I think is that he might deserve his right to have his say and it's probably better it comes from him than anybody else, because then it just sounds like people are moaning and whining about it.  You know, he offered a very strong voice about it.  He could have maybe done it in an easier way, but that just shows what he feels about it.  You know, his heart is so deeply in this golf course.
This is the best I've probably ever seen on The European Tour.  Weather like this, the crowds the way they are, it's a fantastic place and when you watch it on TV, it just looks magnificent.  So the championship itself, you know, the right sort of leaderboard, you have everything you need.  It's been a fantastic week.
Every golf course we play, everybody's got opinions on it, and you can't in any way, shape or form get away from that.  And the bigger the tournaments, the more opinions.  The top guys have probably more opinions than probably the rest and that's the way it is, but I think in general, it's been a magnificent week.

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