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May 27, 2012

Peter Lawrie


Q.  Solid final round here in Wentworth, tell us about your emotions and how you feel?
PETER LAWRIE:  You know, yesterday I said to you I needed to get off to a good start and I did that today.
Unfortunately I just slipped on the 8th hole and made 7 there, which is triple‑bogey, which is very disappointing really.  Kind of knocked me out of the tournament.  But then I had to sort of regroup myself and try and get back in, and try and move up the leaderboard and finishing birdie, birdie, that was just lovely.  It's a wonderful feeling.

Q.  You're in the top five, how happy are you, bearing in mind this is one of the biggest tournaments on The European Tour?
PETER LAWRIE:  Well, I'm delighted really because I didn't get off to a great start this season, but it's much better now, and you know, that's pretty much my card secured and now I can pass on from here and give it a good run.  Delighted, really.
If you told me at the start of the week, Peter, I'll give you fourth, on this kind of golf course in this field, you know, I probably would have jumped at it.
The way I played to be honest with you, I played great golf this week.  I think that I've led the stats in driving and greens in regulation, accuracy driving, of course, not length.  But I didn't hole my fair share of putts, so to see those last two putts go in, it was nice.

Q.  Well, that was lengthy to say the least at the end to close it off.
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, especially when you're trying not to hit it in the water with your third shots, you know what I mean, not to make a mess of things.  You know, in general, very happy. 

Q.  Fair to say you've got off to a tremendous start just about every day to this tournament, haven't you.
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, I got off to a good start, yeah, every day.  You know, made a couple of birdies starting out, which was‑‑ I've been very sort of patient to be honest with you.  I hit a lot of good shots early on and just kind of waited for the birdies to come.  Unfortunately today I made a mess of that 8th hole, but yeah, c'est la vie.

Q.  Well, the 8th was ugly but everything that followed, you regrouped?
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, I regrouped well.  I hit a lovely shot into 10 and that kind of settled me down.  Ernie was coming back, too.  He was making a few birdies so it was easy to feed off them.  Just very happy where I finished.
Luke is a lovely guy to play with and so is Ernie.  I've played with him a few times and his rhythm is wonderful.  You can feed off his rhythm during the round, and he's a nice guy to play with, also.  We had a little bit of a chat going around, sort of settles you down.  He's seen it all, done it all and it's just nice to get an opportunity to play with these guys.

Q.  We know it's always hard to second guess this day, but it appears that this bodes well for the season, doesn't it?
PETER LAWRIE:  Yeah, hopefully so.  Swing is in good shape, and my coach things so, as well.  Just need to get the mental side right and we could have a run at a few events this year.

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