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May 27, 2012

Paul Lawrie


Q.  You finished a fantastic round, 66 today, just sum it up for us?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Played good again.  Played well tee‑to‑green, just seemed to miss a few putts out there but that's just typical me, moaning away.  You're never unhappy when you shoot 66 but really should have been a few less for me.

Q.  A lot of points towards The Ryder Cup cause, and when you think back on it, less than 18 months ago, 272nd in the world, what has gone right?  What have you done differently to elicit this change in your fortunes?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I'm putting better, people can see that, my putting stats; if you have 33, 34 putts you can't compete out here and all of a sudden I have a chance now most weeks.  Been doing a lot of work on the game, and it's been good.

Q.  Confidence level rising all the time, how much more enjoyable is the game for you right now?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, it's nice when you're playing well.  It's not very enjoyable when you're missing cuts.  It's a bit of a drag.  But when you get on a bit of a run, like you say, the confidence goes up and right now it's probably never been better.

Q.  A lot of people still talking about your decision, a brave one, not to go to the U.S. Open and instead to concentrate on the BMW, obviously doing well in those events right now; tell us why you've come to that decision and how beneficial do you think it might be?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, I made the decision a long time ago that it was better for my schedule to not go across to America in that time.  That means I can have two weeks off and then go straight to BMW through to The Open.  If you go to the U.S. Open, it means you can't play BMW because your schedule is a bit difficult.
I made the decision, I knew some people wouldn't like it but it's the best for me, so you've got to do it.

Q.  A lot of guys have been measured up for the gear for The Ryder Cup; you're one of them.
PAUL LAWRIE:  I was measured this week, yeah.  I think Top‑30 go in to get measured but there's a long way to go, another step forward this week but a long way to go.

Q.  66, how good is that out there, considering the conditions?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, obviously much easier today, not so much wind, greens were a bit softer.  Obviously a bit of water on the greens overnight, and the course was much more playable.  But even then, you've still got to get the ball in the hole.  I played nicely and left a few to be out there with the putter, but you can never be unhappy with 6‑under.

Q.  Almost a couple years ago, you were in the high 200s in the Official World Golf Ranking.  What's been the resurgence in your game in the last 18, 24 months?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I think lots of things are a little better.  I'm a better putter than I was and I'm a slightly better‑ball striker.  I've been working out a little bit.  I'm a little stronger and I think I'm hitting the ball a bit further and playing a lot of golf at home which is quite good. I was getting into a kind of rut of being quite technical when I got home and hitting balls instead of playing, when the boys got older, I started playing more golf with them and now all of a sudden I'm tournament sharp all the time I feel.

Q.  You're not coming over to the United States to play in the U.S. Open; why?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, I've obviously explained it a few times that it's more of a scheduling thing for me.  The big priority and the big goal for me so get back in The Ryder Cup team.  I feel that the U.S. Open is not a venue that's ever suited my game.  That means I can have two weeks off and concentrate on the run of five tournaments after the U.S. Open.  A long trip to America and back, it's a three‑week trip for Europeans; you can't play the week before, you can't play the week after.  So I just thought it was too much to give up when I need to play well in those five events.

Q.  66 in very tough playing conditions in one of the biggest tournaments on The European Tour, how happy are you?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Extremely happy.  Any time you shoot 6‑under on a final round and you tee off in fourth position, it's going to be a good day.  A little easier today, not so much wind so all in all it's been a good tournament again.

Q.  Could have been far lower,11‑under now, is that a good result?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, yeah, I hit four or five putts today that could easily have gone in that didn't.  That's golf.  I hit a couple of good bounces on the front nine that could have been bogeys but made par.  What goes around comes around I suppose.  I'm thinking it should have been less; but doesn't every golfer.

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