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May 27, 2012

Marcel Siem


Q.  Marcel, tell us about the hole‑in‑one and a good day.
MARCEL SIEM:  Made a really nice shot on the first, easy birdie, and great 8‑iron just was between clubs, 8‑ and 9‑iron, and cut a little 8‑iron in and I knew it was good.  Then spectators started clapping and all of a sudden, wow, went crazy.
It was my first hole‑in‑one on The European Tour.  I had a few as an amateur but never in a tournament on The European Tour.  So that makes me really proud, and it was a great start.  It was just unfortunate, a little bit sad about it, I didn't keep the confidence‑‑ I said to myself going out, that's your day now, just believe in yourself.
But yesterday, the day was just so hard, took so much confidence out of you that day yesterday with the wind, and even with good golf shots, the ball went somewhere, because it was so gusty, and I think a lot of players were struggling with their swings all of a sudden.
But Top‑10, in that tournament with that field, the first three of the World Rankings played here; so I think it's a very good achievement for me and hopefully it's enough to qualify for The Open Championship.  I don't know.  Definitely going to be in the Top‑20‑‑ but top three guys otherwise not exempt are going to qualify.  I really, really hope it's enough. 
I hope next week to be there full of confidence again and get my swing done.  I just have to release it.  I just blocked those shots.  I didn't release the club, so that's a little unfortunate.

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