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May 27, 2012

Justin Rose


Q.  Sum it up from your perspective, what was the difference in your mind today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously Luke, the putter, really.  He buried a lot of putts there in the middle of the round I guess from 6 through whatever it was, the par3, 10th, 11th.  I can't keep them straight right now.  That seemed to be the main difference.  He played really, really well today.  There were no loose shots coming down the stretch.  And with his short game and just make 20‑, 30‑footers, he's tough to beat.

Q.  And you're having to chase the game a little bit in the last few holes?
JUSTIN ROSE:  A little bit.  It's tough when you're trying to make birdies and then obviously you end up tying for second out‑right which is really frustrating.  But yeah, you know, you still need to try and chase him.  You don't want to lay down and let him have it too easy but when you end up making mistakes like that, it does get a little frustrating.

Q.  What do you think the difference was today between him winning and you coming in tied for second?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I mean, the flat stick around the middle of the round, which was the key time, really.  I got off to a reasonable start.  We tied it up through four holes and then Luke certainly made a few 20‑, 30‑footers, which you know, that's obviously what you have to do possibly, but it's tough to play against when guys are rolling in bombs on you.

Q.  Is it demoralising to see that happen or are you trying your hardest to focus on exactly what you need to do?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, you're trying to do what you've got to do and commit to your putts and making solid strokes.  I felt like I actually played well today and hit a lot of good iron shots.
Was hitting the ball a long way today which is the only thing I was battling with, even 18, hit a good iron shot and went five yards too far and ended up making 5.  Just little things like that nagged me a little bit.  But for the most part I played well and the difference was Luke making key putts, and down the stretch, he didn't miss a shot, so hats off to him.

Q.  Does your strategy change when you see him making putts like that and you fall one, two, three shots back?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I was trying to be aggressive and hit good iron shots at every occasion, I was trying to take on the flags for the most part, and yeah, just wasn't enough.  You've got to make the putts at the end of it.  I felt like I hit some really good iron shots from 7 through to probably 14 and didn't really convert any of those.  That was probably the turning point.

Q.  A very good championship, you may be a little disappointed not to make it all the way up to the top spot; how do you feel?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, obviously it's been a good week.  Felt like there's been some very good aspects of my game and nice to be in the final group and pairing with Luke, obviously playing in England, great crowds.  That was really fun to be a part of.  Luke, obviously every credit to him.  He played certainly like a champion today and made the putts when he had to and didn't miss a shot down the stretch.  You know, obviously every credit, he did exactly what he needed to do today.

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