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May 26, 2012

John Cook


KELLY ELBIN:テつ John Cook, ladies and gentlemen, in with a 2‑under par 69 in the third round of the 73rd Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid.テつ John is at 9‑under par, 204, after 54 holes, five shots behind the leader, Roger Chapman.テつ John, comments on your round today and your position going into the final round, please.
JOHN COOK:テつ It was a solid round.テつ I'm not displeased with it.テつ It felt like I shot a hundred compared to Roger.テつ He played phenomenal.テつ He had it.テつ It was a pleasure to watch.
But that being said, we still had to, still had some work to do.テつ And I hit a lot of good shots.テつ I drove the ball nicely.テつ I hit it out of play at number 10, but ended up making a par.テつ And other than that I had some opportunities that I just kind of let go.
But didn't shoot myself out of it.テつ Anything can happen out here.テつ You can shoot a score like Roger did today with just getting the right ridges and being a little tighter on your lines and I wasn't quite that.
For the most part I hit a lot of good shots, couple of them didn't turn out very good.テつ I hit some very just average shots that turned out, you know, that little three and four section type of putt.
I managed to 2‑putt those and threw in a couple birdies to keep myself within sight, anyway.テつ You never know.テつ There's a lot going on out there.テつ So we'll see.テつ We'll try to be a little bit more sharp tomorrow and try to take advantage of those opportunities that I didn't take advantage of today.
KELLY ELBIN:テつ A quick review of your two birdies on 9 and 17, please.
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, 9, I hit a nice drive and laid it up with a 3‑iron and hit a wedge in there about 10 feet.テつ Made that.テつ After having a real good opportunity at, let's see, at 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.テつ 10 foot, 10, 12 feet and in.
10 I made a nice par.
I missed about a 6‑footer at 12.
Then I had a couple nice 2‑putts at 13 and 14.
And I missed a good opportunity at 15 going for the green.テつ I kind of had a muddy, kind of a mud ball hybrid.テつ That's a scary enough shot and when you got kind of a dirty ball and winds blowing, I kind of bailed a little bit and hit it up in the heather, actually hit a good shot on the green about 12 feet and missed it.テつ Had a good look at 16.テつ About 12 feet.
I hit a nice 7‑iron at 17, about three feet.
And 18, I was staring down my second shot and it flew about 15 feet too far.テつ And then didn't have a very good opportunity there.テつ But those were the ‑‑ not many highlights is there.テつ Two.
KELLY ELBIN:テつ Pretty clean card.テつ Open it up for questions.
JOHN COOK:テつ Yeah, a clean card.

Q.テつ How many horses are left in this race?テつ Is it just you and Roger?
JOHN COOK:テつ Oh, no.テつ You never know.テつ He's really playing well.テつ He's swinging the club beautifully, his distance control has been spot on.テつ And he's used those ridges perfectly.
It really was, it was a great round of golf to watch.テつ He really, he, the one bogey he made, he actually got a horrible break on number 7.テつ We don't know how that ball got into that high rough.テつ That's a long drive.テつ But other than that, if he keeps swinging the way he is right now, it's going to be tough.テつ Someone's going to have to shoot something very low.
So it's not out of the realm.テつ There's a lot of great players behind us.テつ And there's some scores that could be shot.テつ I know it's going to be warm tomorrow, the ball's going to be going.テつ I'm not sure what the wind's going to do, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that someone could shoot 6 or 7‑under par and get to double digits or in there and then you just don't know from there.テつ There's a lot of trouble out there.テつ If you don't quite have it, it can make you look silly.

Q.テつ Roger, he is certainly not a big name over here, how familiar have you guys been with him before this week?
JOHN COOK:テつ He played over here last year and unfortunately he didn't keep his privileges, because he's have very good player.テつ I played with him a couple times last year and thought, wow, this guy's pretty good.テつ I know he's had a decent run over in European we were happy to have him over here.テつ He's a great guy.テつ And it would be nice to have him back over here.テつ He's a wonderful player.テつ Swings the club beautifully.テつ I thought so last year as well.テつ I was very impressed when I played with him last year.
He'll be tough.テつ He'll be tough to beat tomorrow if he hits it anywhere close to how he did today.

Q.テつ You've had three senior Majors where you've gone to playoffs and you finished second.テつ What do you learn, in case something happens tomorrow, what have you learned from those experiences that you could take into something tomorrow?
JOHN COOK:テつ I had good chances in a number of them.テつ And I just didn't do the right things down the stretch.テつ Couple of them were just kind of I just made a couple mistakes.テつ You learn from that.テつ I learned from that.テつ Not that you're not going to make mistakes again, but I know what to do, just getting my brain and my body to sync up together at the right time when it's really needed and keep giving yourself opportunities.
And those, in those Majors I had opportunities and I maybe got a little ahead of myself, not ahead of myself, but I wanted to get to the finish line and see what happened.テつ And the good things didn't happen.
So I've learned and hopefully I'll be better for it the next time I'm in that position.テつ We have got a lot of Majors coming up here in the next couple months, and they're all on fantastic golf courses and we're happy ‑‑ I didn't capitalize on my opportunities on the Regular Tour and that's a big void.テつ That's a big black mark, as far as I'm concerned.テつ But I've had my chances out here and it would be, I would feel the same as I did, as I would have on the Regular Tour.テつ This is what we have.テつ This is what we play for.
KELLY ELBIN:テつ John Cook in at 9‑under par, five shots out of the lead.テつ Thank you, John.
JOHN COOK:テつ Great.テつ Thank you.

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