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May 26, 2012

Justin Rose


PAUL SYMES:  Not too many low scores out there today, so you must be delighted with that display.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I am to be honest with you.  It was one of those situations where I didn't realise how good the round was until I got in, well, maybe about the 16th, 17th hole where I saw the scoreboard and saw that Peter Lawrie was going well but that the pack had dropped back.
PAUL SYMES:  What was the highlights for you today?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† The two swings I made on 17 were really the most fun shots of the day.¬† Two beautiful sort of draws around the corner, and had about a 15‑foot eagle putt which unfortunately didn't go in, but those were the two best shots of the day.
PAUL SYMES:  Looking like you're more than likely to be playing with Luke tomorrow; that's a pairing you must be relishing.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it will be good just to maybe get some crowds in here tomorrow (laughing).  Obviously the crowds have been so supportive of us, all of the players, obviously and the whole tournament, but especially the English lads.  It's great to play in front of them here at home, and playing with Luke tomorrow, it's certainly going to be a lot of fun out there.

Q.  Ernie use some fairly colourful language to describe the state of the course.  Just wonder how borderline you thought it was; were some of the greens right on the edge?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, there was some borderline holes out there; but as there are at U.S. Opens; as there are on a lot of Sundays.¬† I mean this is more of a Sunday feel out there during the golf course.¬† It wasn't your typical moving day‑‑ well, it was, really; it was moving backwards day.¬† It was the type of golf that you're just going to have to play in a couple of weeks' time at the U.S. Open that you don't typically expect here at Wentworth.¬† And on the back of four or five incredibly warm, sunny days, and wind, the course has baked out very, very fast this afternoon.
The first couple of days, I expected the course to be firmer than it was, and they obviously put down a bit of water.¬† I'm not sure if the strategy changed overnight, but certainly the course firmed up and became very strategic.¬† You had to hit¬† ‑‑¬† the fairways were playing fast and there were a lot of pins you couldn't get to.¬† I relished that challenge today, but it's not typical Wentworth that we expect.

Q.¬† Is it fair to say that the better players can handle it, and the also‑runs couldn't?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Well, it took all of your experience and skill and patience.¬† It tested‑‑ yeah, certainly tested me today.¬† There are times where you want to get frustrated.¬† You think you're the only one making mistakes out there, you think; but that's what you've got to realise, it is a difficult day, hang in.
I didn't really look at the leaderboard because of that fact.  I just felt like it was the kind of day where I just had to not beat myself out there, and obviously that ended up paying off.  But I think it was just recognising that earlier in the round that probably, you know, turned the day into a good day.

Q.  So you're saying it was difficult but it was playable.
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† Yeah, I mean, you had to hit the right shot at the right time.¬† You couldn't get away with much out there.¬† You had to be really on your game, and the chipping and putting was very, very difficult.¬† I had some great up‑and‑downs out there to keep the round going.¬† I guess that is the difference.
It's very easy, once a round‑‑ I don't know what's happened to James today but I would imagine that once you make a mistake or two, I've been exactly there at Augusta; you then press to try to make up a birdie or two and then the course somehow keeps‑‑ it's the kind of day you have to be very, very patient and you couldn't really press for birdies.

Q.  Really today was about experience on this course, wasn't it; knowing its quirks, knowing where all of the sort of problems lie.  Does it look like some of the younger players, those who haven't played this course are the ones who really suffered?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, the wind was swirling out there and there was so many times where you would be in between two clubs or you could hit two clubs on virtually every shot.  There was always the decision to make, what's the club that's going to get me into the least amount of trouble if it doesn't payoff.  Always in the back of your mind, is the equation of where is my best miss.
Obviously you're trying to see good shots out there, that's paramount but you need to work out the probability of it not coming off as well and picking the right play at the right time.

Q.  There's you, Ian Poulter, Ernie, 69, 70, guys who have played it lots of times.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I guess so.  Also guys that have played a lot of majors, tournaments, where you do play extreme style of conditions, extreme golf, so to speak.  I think it's just one of those days where, yeah, like you said, you have to use all your skills out there, whether it be this course or any other golf course on a day like this.

Q.  How confident are you going into tomorrow that you can win the tournament?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I'm confident.  Every day is a few day.  Tomorrow will be a whole new set of challenges and obviously I'll just have to take them as they come.  I don't have any expectation going into to.  I'm just really excited to have the opportunity to go out there and have a fun day out there.
I'd love to win it.¬† I've been saying all week what a great tournament this is and how much I would dearly love to win.¬† That will be on my mind, but what I have learnt is to get the job done, you can't get your mind to the finish line.¬† You need to just really‑‑ we're three quarters of the way through, three rounds, first tee shot tomorrow is as far as you need to try to let yourself get.
PAUL SYMES:  Thank you.

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