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May 26, 2012

Ian Poulter


IAN POULTER:  Tough day.  I think obviously shooting 3‑under par I'm happy.  I mean if you'd have asked me last night what I felt would have been a does round on Saturday morning, moving day, obviously weather dependent, I would have liked to have come out in slightly calmer conditions and felt that you could post 5‑, 6‑, 7‑ , 8‑under par.  But,.
You know, the weather stopped us today.  It was very windy, very tricky.  But 3‑under par, obviously is a good score in those conditions, and moving forward, from my point of view, it's a shame I couldn't do deeper and move further up the board.

Q.  Presuming it wasn't flat calm when you started but you could make a little bit of headway?
IAN POULTER:  I hit good shots.  The birdies that I took were on a couple of tough holes but I hit great golf shots to take my birdies.
So it was still very windy.  This morning it's probably only picked up five‑mile‑an‑hour to this afternoon.  It's gusting at times 25‑mile‑an‑hour and that's very difficult at Wentworth.

Q.  You certainly have moved forward, round of the day at the moment, but if it picks up like this, you'll be at least a fringe of contention.
IAN POULTER:  I think so.  What am I, nine off the lead at the start of the day.  Depends how well he plays today in terms of how much gap we'll have between us.
But I feel that obviously it has moved forward and it's going to be in a decent position, I know that, because of how tough it is out there today.
For me, it's rest up this afternoon and see what I can do tomorrow.  I mean, if I can make a few more birdies than I did today, tomorrow, and don't make any silly mistakes, then of course, you can certainly have a run at it around this golf course with two par 5s to finish.

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