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May 25, 2012

Paul Lawrie


PAUL LAWRIE:  That was probably a pretty good score today to be fair.  We had it much tougher in the afternoon, obviously, which now and again that kind of thing happens where you get the bad end of the draw.
But no, I played much better than yesterday to be honest.  Hit the ball really solid and left a few shots out there unfortunately.

Q.  It's funny, coming in this morning, I saw the 25‑mile‑an‑hour winds forecasted for this afternoon and I thought a certain Paul Lawrie would quite enjoy playing in that?
PAUL LAWRIE:  It's quite funny how you don't wake up wanting to play in that, but obviously when it happens, you put the ball back in your stance and you hit the ball a bit softer and it comes out a bit lower.  It's not that difficult to be honest.  But it was tough out there, really tough.  Wind was kind of all over the place and some of the holes played pretty long.

Q.  Is there a game plan, if you like, to take on that back nine with the traditional swirling winds here at Wentworth?
PAUL LAWRIE:  No, you've just got to keep the ball in play obviously.  Apart from James, 8‑under is kind of next best, so obviously 12‑under is very good, but I'm not sure you would have gotten to 12‑under this afternoon.
Sometimes that happens for you, and sometimes it happens against you.  He's obviously played very well, James, and he's got a good score.

Q.  What will be your plans for tomorrow?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Just the same as normal, just sort of see in the morning in the course, try to go as low as you can, is always the plan.  I hit the ball really good today and I didn't hole that many putts, so it would be nice to hole a few tomorrow and get some ball‑striking going.

Q.  You said you left a few out there?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I 3‑putted 4 for a 5 from kind of back of the green, but you'd still be looking to 2‑putt from there.
Then missed it from six feet at 5 for birdie.  Hit a lovely shot there.
And then doubled 6.  Hit a lovely tee shot in kind of right‑to‑left wind and right‑to‑left slope and kicked up the hill into the bunker under the lip.  So made double there, so I'm thinking I should be 2‑under and I'm 2‑over.  You have four shots right there.
Apart from that, hit the ball really good, and it was tough.  I mean, there's no question, the wind is kind of all over the place.  It's not from one sort of direction so it's hard to get the club right.

Q.  Good to bounce back.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, obviously the older you get, the more you get used to stuff like that.  You've just got to get on with it.  I was extremely unhappy going to the 7th tee but you dust yourself down and you get on with it.  There's a lot of holes to play and a lot of birdies to make.  So not a problem.

Q.  Your driver broke yesterday?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, my driver broke yesterday.  I kind of managed to not tell you boys that.  I thought I would give you a little bit with the blog.  As I placed it back in the bag on the 11th tee, it managed to break.

Q.  The shaft?
PAUL LAWRIE:  The shaft.  Right at the neck.  So the TaylorMade van had just put another shaft in it, the same, when I got off the course.  Hit it lovely today.

Q.  And a chip‑in?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, I chipped in‑‑ 10, I was pin‑high left about a yard off the green, about 15 feet maybe, 20 feet and chipped it in.
Then 14, hit a lovely shot just right of the pin but got a big bounce and went on the back bank and chipped in down the slope.  They were both just dead paced right in the middle.

Q.  Nice exclusive for your website.
PAUL LAWRIE:  No point in feeding you boys too much stuff, is there.  (Laughter).
Well, no one asked me.  Had you asked me, I would have said, but nobody asked me.

Q.  You're a better golfer; you're also a better journalist.
PAUL LAWRIE:  I didn't break any clubs today, if that's what you're asking, so you're all right.

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