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May 25, 2012

Tom Lehman


Q.  Talk about your day.
TOM LEHMAN:¬† It was a better day.¬† I gave away a couple shots today, but my game isn't completely good now, so to shoot 2‑under felt good.¬† It felt good to kind of get a little momentum back today and I need to get a little bit lower, I think, but I'm still in the chase.

Q.  You said yesterday that you needed a good number coming through, you weren't sure what that number was.  After today what do you think a good number would be out there?
TOM LEHMAN:¬† I think there's some good scores being shot.¬† If you play really well you can shoot 2, 3, 4, 5‑under.¬† I think Michael Allen is like 6‑under.¬† But Bernhard is playing well and I think the course is there for that today.¬† The wind has died down a bit and it's making it more scorable.

Q.  How much different is it today versus yesterday?
TOM LEHMAN:  The first nine it was blowing pretty good.  I was thinking, holy smoke, it's going to be another repeat of yesterday, the way the wind was blowing the first six or seven holes.
And then it seemed to kind of die down a bit starting about our 8th hole.  And it made a big difference.

Q.  Is it good to be back in the championship?
TOM LEHMAN:  Yeah, I'm still back in it.  I have to play two really good days over the weekend.  I can't get away with shooting even par.  So the pressure will be on me to get under par and to play well.  But I've got a chance.

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